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3 Zodiac Signs Have Lucky In Love Horoscopes On May 11, 2023

Today three zodiac signs are luckiest in love on May 11, 2023, thanks to the Moon square Mercury. Moon square Mercury basically means if we play our cards right, we can win big in love, but if we slip up, we lose our shoes. 

Most of us will find the aspects of Thursday will work to our romantic advantage. We want good lives and are willing to make things work out, but with Aquarius Moon square Mercury, we have to face the music: the way things get done in love, as in life, is through proper communication skills. You don’t get Mercury in the mix without dealing with ‘the verbals.’

The upshot is three zodiac signs will be verbally extraordinary on May 11, and they are Aries, Taurus and Gemini.

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Today’s gamble includes getting out of our comfort zones to do the one thing we haven’t done for our romantic partners: we will listen. We will stay out of the speech until they are done speaking, and during Aquarius Moon square Mercury, we will see how very important that is. While this transit promotes communication, part of what we’ll learn today is that communication is a give-and-take affair.

If we stand aside and listen to the person we are involved with, we might be able to improve upon an already good thing.

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