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3 Zodiac Signs Regret Telling A Friend A Secret On May 11, 2023

On May 11, 2023, during Moon square Mercury news travels a little too fast, and if we tell a secret to the wrong friend we will regret it. In other words, we’d be better off thinking things through and keeping certain things to ourselves, because whoever hears it may repeat it before it’s well constructed. Rather than acting impulsively and blabbing out our most precious, well-kept secrets, let’s hold back and not say anything at all.

Even though sharing secrets makes us feel closer to someone, the feelings of dread and regret will be almost instantaneous. The hard part about today is that it will be too late; three zodiac signs will feel that impulse, and they will share something that would definitely be better kept private. Oh well.

So, if you are tempted to tell a close friend ‘what you did that day,’ you may want to think twice, as Moon square Mercury jeopardizes exposing your secret to others and creating instant regret for sharing. You are responsible for this, and if you are an Aries, Gemini or Sagittarius will be tempted to ‘share all’ on this day, May 11, then know this in advance: it’s a bad idea. Don’t do it. Keep your business to yourself.

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Today we overshare, and we let things out that shouldn’t be let out, as in communications. Our transit is Moon square Mercury, and that comes with its ups and downs, and when it comes to impulsively feeling a person out to see if they are someone we can trust with our secret, we should err on the side of discretion today, May 11. Hold on to your secrets for now, especially if you are one of the three zodiac signs mentioned here today.

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