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Unique Traits Of A Scorpio Man In Love And Life

Those with a Scorpio Sun sign are born between October 23 and November 21. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto — Mars is the planet of aggression and action, also known as the god of war; Pluto is the planet of transformation and power — meaning they tend to be fiery and passionate (Mars), as well as secretive (Pluto).

Scorpio is a fixed sign, so they tend to adhere to traditions, are a bit rigid, and fight for what they believe in. This water sign is deeply emotional and intuitive and has a wild imagination.

Scorpio men are incredibly passionate individuals who are set in their ways. And though they can be jealous and secretive, they are compassionate and loving, as their close loved ones very well know. Much like Scorpio women, Scorpio men are also mysterious and very sensual, but are vindictive when wronged.

These passionate men are full of heart and soul, but know what they want and will stick to the path they have set for themselves. Independent by nature, he doesn’t like being told that he can’t achieve something, and he definitely doesn’t like being lied to.

His stubbornness serves him well in bringing his ambitions to fruition, and he won’t stop until he gets there. His work ethic is something to be truly envied.

This incredibly complex zodiac sign can be serious, however, so it’s best to not get in his way; otherwise, you face a truly bitter and resentful man. It’s also difficult to convince him of something once he’s made his mind up, as he tends to think in black-and-white terms. But his curious nature and intuition keep him on his toes, always learning new things. And if you’re lucky enough to break through his rough exterior, you’ll find that his wisdom and loyalty are refreshing.

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