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Each Zodiac Sign’s Love Horoscope For May 11, 2023

The love horoscope for May 11, 2023, indicates that while love can be romantic today for several zodiac signs, it may require a bit of work for us all. We experience hardship in love because both Venus, the planet of love, and Mars, the planet of passion, are aligned in the zodiac sign of Cancer. With Venus and Mars in Cancer, we want love to feel safe, today love requires risk risk-taking, and that can be scary.

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There’s a strong desire for romance to feel like coming home, but during the last few days of Mercury retrograde, we are preparing to step outside of our comfort zones. Here’s a rundown of what this astrological tension means for each zodiac sign in astrology as described in Thursday’s love horoscope for May 11, 2023.

What today’s love horoscope has in store for each zodiac sign on Thursday, May 11, 2023:


You’ve experienced a bit of disappointment, and you may not know why things didn’t work out the way that you wanted them to in your love life.

Today is not meant for forcing a smile on your face; instead, let yourself have a good, healing cry. Emotions need to be felt, and today’s grief will soon become yesterday’s distant memory.

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