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Horoscopes Are Challenging For 3 Zodiac Signs On May 11, 2023

We may notice that on May 11, 2023, three zodiac signs have rough horoscopes. We will start the day with these wonderful intentions and plans to back them up, but the only thing that seems to get in our path relentlessly is the hasty way in which we try to make it all happen.

We want only good, but we carry along with us this desperate feeling that if we don’t accomplish it all NOW NOW NOW, then we’re somehow going to miss our opportunity. We fear failing before we even try, and that self-sabotages us.

During today’s transit of Moon square Mercury, we will see how that kind of hasty decision-making undoes Leo, Virgo and Aquarius.

We want only what’s good, and that’s why today is going to feel upsetting or frustrating. We have no intention of rebelling or going against the grain on this day; in fact, we set out to work with our conditions and do whatever it takes — especially when it comes to our love lives.

We seek to create peace and harmony, but that nagging little neurotic spirit of ours can’t help but overthink everything into a state of chaos. We want what’s best, and we go for it, but somewhere along the line, we start to doubt ourselves … and that’s how Moon square Mercury comes into the picture.

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What’s worse is that to right our wrongs, we jump in without thinking. Once again, those positive thoughts and great intentions are there for us, but we’re not thinking things out! On May 11, 2023, we are overly concerned with the results and less observant of how we made those results happen. Haste is wasted on this day, and three zodiac signs will come to know this all too well.

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