You are currently viewing Taurus New Moon Zoom – May 2023 • Jessica Adams: Psychic Astrologer

Taurus New Moon Zoom – May 2023 • Jessica Adams: Psychic Astrologer

The Taurus New Moon Zoom on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th May

Join me and host Alicia Fulton from The Astrology Show on Twitter, for a free New Moon Zoom on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th May in London, Sydney or New York.

This is the luckiest New Moon of 2023, particularly if you have anything in Taurus in your birth chart.

If so, this will be about saving or making money for you. Yet, everyone can gain from this New Moon with the Sun at 28 Taurus and Moon at 28 Taurus. Your personal horoscope may chime with it. I’ll go into that in a moment. Taurus is the sign which rules everything that is valuable, precious or priceless in your life.

Join Free at Astrology and Tarot Meetups

If you are not already a member of Astrology and Tarot Meetups in New York, London or Sydney – then it’s free to join. Just use your full name and a clear photograph of your face.

Here are the details for the New Moon Zoom, below. Just remember, you need to click on the Zoom link to register, ahead of time, then Zoom emails you a second link, to join. It’s two steps.

Figure out your time zone within Australia or in New Zealand by using Time and Date so you can join us at 8pm at Bondi Beach, Sydney, or see what time it is for you, if you are closer to New York or London time zones.

Australia – Friday 19th May @ 8pm AEST

Meetup Link

Zoom Link 

Time and Date

London – Friday 19th May @ 11am BST  (combined event with Australia event above)

Zoom Link

Meetup Link 

Time and Date

New York – Friday 19th May @ 8:30pm EDT (converts to Saturday 20th May @10:30am AEST)

Zoom Link

Meetup Link 

Time and Date

What To Expect From the Taurus New Moon Zoom

I’ll take questions in Live Chat during the Zoom, for those of you with anything at 28 degrees in your chart. This is exactly where the New Moon falls. By all the laws of astrology, anything you begin which is brand new, on the New Moon at 28 Taurus, will reward you when Jupiter, the planet of breakthroughs, solutions, hope, growth and expansion, moves to 28 Taurus in May 2024. The exact dates for that are May 18th to 21st.

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If You Have Taurus Factors

If you have Taurus factors in your Second House of finance, possessions, houses, land, apartments, investments, charity, business, shares – then you stand to gain between May 17th 2023 and May 25th 2024. You may inherit money. You may find that an NFT investment pays off. You may be offered something for nothing – a fantastic house-sitting opportunity or the use of a yacht. Maybe your government has a new budget in mind which will benefit you.

Bargains (the big kind of bargain) are also common on this cycle. You’ll have noticed that the world’s second-richest man, Elon Musk, is offering Twitter users the chance to charge followers for access to special events, coming off their accounts. So, for example, if you are a great cook you can now offer your Twitter followers access to your best recipes. If you are a musician you can use your Twitter account to show people your new song, as part of a subscription. At last social media is paying you. 

Over the next 12 months, obvious at that New Moon on 19th May – we will see all kinds of good news about the world economy and about your own country’s economy too.

Tarot and Astrology

You will be using the Tarot on my website to shuffle and select one card for yourself, during this New Moon Zoom.

Your question will be ‘How will the New Moon in Taurus affect me by May 25th 2024 if I use the solutions to come?’

I’ll talk to you more about the Tarot side of things at the event and we’ll take time out for a cup of tea, or glass of wine (depending on your time zone) to tap into the Tarot. See you there!

Just remember to RSVP to Astrology and Tarot Meetups, check your local time and click through to Zoom to have your link emailed you for the session.

Did you know this line-up in astrology with the New Moon, Uranus, the North Node and Jupiter in Taurus will only happen once in your life? There is a lot to look forward to.

Premium Member? Post Questions Here

I will be taking some live questions in the Zoom Chat Box at the event, but if you are a Premium Member, you can leave a question here in Comments. Alicia Fulton and I will choose a selection to look at, for you. The week after the New Moon in Taurus I will also answer as many of your queries as possible, right here, using your personal birth chart. Thank you.



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