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Jupiter enters Taurus (True Priorities) — Astrology By Lauren

The most important thing in life is knowing the most important things in life. ~ David F. Jakielo

On May 14th-15th Mercury stations at 5º 51’ of Taurus. It does so in this pragmatic but interestingly sweet area of the zodiac: the midpoint between Venus and Saturn. Mercury does so in the earthy and Venus sign of Taurus, a sign that asks us to get down to basics, a sign of values, of stuff that we consider to be important, a sign of priorities. And now as it leaves its retrograde phase, Mercury is asking us what we most value and consider to be important. In other words, what we should or should not be spending our valuable time, money and resources on. This may seem like an insignificant thing. Like something we think about every time we look at our bank accounts or open our wallets. But this simple question is oh, so much more than that. It’s about what we want to be thoroughly invested in.

For just as Mercury stations, it is almost, but not quite, conjunct the Nodal point of the Moon. That sacred eclipse point where the Sun, Moon and the Earth find themselves in perfect alignment. In fact, later this year, on October 28th, we will have a Lunar Eclipse at the same degree as Mercury’s station this week. That eclipse will be at 5º Taurus 03’. Jupiter also enters Taurus this week. It will cross this same degree on June 11th. Grandiose and yet inspiring, Jupiter is seeding our priorities, creating hopes and dreams, and making promises. In December Jupiter will return to this very same degree once again, and on December 31st will station direct at 5º Taurus 35’, aiming to fulfill the promises, and the hopes that are being seeded now.  

And as Mercury resumes its apparent direct motion, and we return to what we think of as normal, we will all be sorting out our priorities, even if we are not aware of the fact that we are doing so. There is a pattern and a trajectory here, and we are all being carried forward on this Taurean tide. “The most important thing in life is knowing the most important things in life.” It is about knowing what is right for each of us. Of what is important to each of us individually. What we are needing. What will sustain us, heart, body and soul. What will support us, and make us feel safe and secure. What and who and where we want to invest our valuable time, money and resources. And then Jupiter enters Taurus.

Jupiter enters Taurus on Tuesday, May 16th, where it will remain until May of 2024. The largest planet in our Solar System expands all that he touches, as he rolls through each sign for approximately 1 year. Doors open, opportunities are explored, and possibilities emerge as Jupiter moves through each sign of the zodiac. Taurus is a sign of fertile expectation, of worthiness, of value. It is a financial sign. It is also the most earthy of the earth signs, and values the sorts of things that we can touch with our hands and lay claim to. Jupiter inspired us with new initiatives, new ideas, new starts when it entered the primal sign of Aries. In Taurus we now ask ourselves, how we can make those new ideas and new initiatives sustainable. How we can make them work. Jupiter in Taurus taunts us with desire. It promises rewards. But it can also bring us the consequences of over-extension, over-commitment, and even a bit of wanton self-indulgence.

Nonetheless this is a wave that you will want to ride if only for the possibilities. In April 2024, Jupiter will meet up with Uranus, where the usual rules will be tossed by the wayside, and almost anything is possible. Jupiter/Uranus times can be oh, so very unpredictable, but it can also bring incredible growth, opportunity and unexpected breakthroughs. 

But before we even get there, we first have to navigate the treacherous challenges of the Jupiter/Pluto square. For as soon as Jupiter enters Taurus it will also make an exact square to Pluto (May 17th) still in Aquarius. We’ve been approaching this powerful square all month, and now we are here. This is what gives us that feeling of the Hobbits entering Mordor, of David facing off with Goliath. This is about having to make big choices that can have huge consequences, of feeling forced in a corner, and facing powerful adversaries. This is about standing on the brink of a possible debt ceiling crisis, or watching all of our highest principles being dashed to the ground. And our only defense is to do the right thing, because it is the only thing we can do. Even if we must do so in the face of these entrenched and powerful adversaries. It’s about doing what we must even when everyone else seems to be moving in the other direction. 

Jupiter in Taurus seeks fairness, security and stability. And it does so even in the face of extraordinarily powerful adversaries, who seem to keep everything for themselves. In this process, we are forced back on our own core beliefs and priorities. These are times when we ask ourselves:

  • When push comes to shove, and my back is against the wall, what are my most important priorities? 

  • What are those things that I am willing to put myself on the line for? 

  • What are those things, and who are those people, and what are those goals that I am willing to take these risks for?

  • What are those things, people and goals that I most want to invest my valuable time, money and resources on? And why? 

We are also confronted with the option of doing nothing. Of going along with the same old narratives. Ploughing in the same old furrow. Why upset the apple cart? But just wait until Mars comes into the picture next week, forming a powerful fixed sign Cross with Jupiter, Pluto and the Nodes. We can refuse to rock the boat. Not want to get involved. But that could end up being the worse choice of all. For in some way we are all being asked to be very clear about who we are, what we believe in, so that even in the face of extraordinary choices and odds, in the end we will be the ones standing for what is right and true. 

Just as Mercury is almost (but not quite) conjunct the North Node of the Moon as it stations direct this week, Jupiter will be conjunct the (True) North Node on June 2nd. As a result, the sorts of choices we are making now will have far-reaching ramifications, and could even serve as turning points in our lives. 

When Jupiter meets Pluto we are asked to do the right thing. Not because we are expecting some sort of reward or recognition, or to play the role of the hero. We do what we do because it is the right thing to do. 

Jupiter/Pluto can also be about overcoming extraordinary challenges and odds. Of David taking on Goliath. Of the small and peace-loving Hobbits taking on Sauron. And if we sincerely wish to be better people, a better society, a better humanity, if we wish to evolve and be an example for others to follow; if we wish to be an inspiration to others, then this is the transit to use. It is not an easy transit. After all, Sauron is Sauron. But when Jupiter meets Pluto, as it is this week, it presents an opportunity to make extraordinary changes in our own lives, in society, and even in the world at large. 

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