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your forecast may 12th…

A warm hello and welcome to your forecast for the next 7 days:

The Moon starts off here in Aquarius – a task or problem will call for you think outside the square.

When the Moon joins Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, it’ll spark reflective, sentimental vibes – and a sentimental tone for Mother’s Day!   Also in the days ahead, a situation where you’re feeling your way will become clearer, or it’ll inch forward one small step at a time.

Mercury turning Direct will bring progressive conversations that break new ground or achieve long awaited results.

The stand out feature of the next 7 days is the giant planet Jupiter moving into Taurus, where it will join the planet Uranus; this Jupiter cycle will last until May of next year.   This is a ‘Big Planets, Big News’ forecast and applies to this much longer period of time.   As Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and good fortune – I will post this special ‘good news’ forecast on Tues.!

   Mixing with a different circle of people, with a fun outing or get-together will be a fun interesting experience but it may test your adaptability.   Reflecting upon and talking about old times will touch nostalgic chords this weekend.   Small steps with a drawn-out matter or commitment will help you work through it, but you’ll need to keep on, keeping on.   Mercury turning Direct will bring encouraging financial news, important discussions or progress with an absorbing financial undertaking or issue.
TAURUS.   You’ll need to explore new ideas and possibilities with an unusual task or challenging project on the job, to make every post a winning post!   Reconnecting with someone you go way back with will be a joy this weekend.   Taking small but important steps with special personal or holiday plans will give you a lift, you may also recultivate a friendship that’s faded.   The planet Mercury turning Direct in your Zodiac Sign will open the way to launch a personal discussion you’re keen to have; it will bring valuable guidance.
GEMINI.   You’ll investigate further, in your search for a solution to a complex issue or undertaking; hearing very different points of view will give you valuable new food for thought.   The opportunity to clear up a misunderstanding or connect with someone you’re overdue to see will be too good to miss.   Working towards a long-term goal will be a serious of baby steps; perseverance is the key!   Mercury turning Direct will bring a situation or relationship where you have to choose your words carefully, but there’ll be the opportunity to ask unspoken questions.
CANCER.   You may need to adjust your plans or intentions with a costly undertaking or purchase, to absorb extra costs or stretch your dollars further.   It will be a joy to catch up with someone dear from afar, travel plans will need to be organised carefully though.   The planet Mercury turning Direct will bring a delightful invitation or a fun exchange that sets up a special get-together, outing or activity you’re looking forward to.
LEO.   An unexpected or unusual request from another will ask a lot of you, when you’re already stretched; it may be an awkward juggle.   A sentimental purchase or outlay will come from the heart.   Working your way through a financial commitment or complex financial issue will take a diligent effort.   Mercury turning Direct will bring breakthrough discussions with an associate; they’ll point the way forward with an ambitious career or personal endeavour.
VIRGO.   A task that calls for you to improvise or experiment will be a learning experience all the way!   A thoughtful gesture for someone close will show how much you care.   Dealing with a complex relationship or issue with another will require both sensitivity and clarity; this is a work in progress.   The planet Mercury turning direct will bring exciting news or discussions that lead bold personal, professional or travel plans forward.
LIBRA.   An unusual personal outing or activity will bring a string of very different experiences!   You’ll go the extra mile to keep a promise or fulfill a commitment; loving actions will speak volumes.   A slow-moving task or big job that inches forward will be an exercise in determination.   The planet Mercury turning Direct will bring a defining conversation with a financial undertaking or expensive plans; a new offer or option will give fresh possibilities to build upon.
SCORPIO.   A family issue or domestic situation will require a different approach; there’ll be unusual conditions to take in your stride.   A sentimental interlude or exchange will deepen a loving relationship.   With a project that’s close to your heart, small steps forward will lead to big results further down the track.   The planet Mercury turning Direct will bring a conversation with someone close that’s been brewing; the way will open to reach a new understanding.
SAGITTARIUS.   An unusual problem or task will test your resourcefulness but an innovative strategy could achieve amazing results!   A family occasion will be a sentimental affair, a family or domestic project may be hard work but you’ll make some important progress.   Mercury turning Direct indicates an eye-opening conversation with a work colleague or regarding a health, diet or fitness pursuit; you’ll gain some valuable direction.
CAPRICORN.   You’ll need to research different options with a fun outing, celebration or fun pursuit to keep it affordable.   A ‘deep and meaningful’ exchange or meaningful situation with someone dear will nurture a closer togetherness; it will take a lot of work to get special plans with a loved one off the ground.   Mercury turning Direct will bring expansive conversations with a loved one that help you to understand each other better and plan fun things to do and share.
AQUARIUS.   An unusual situation or unexpected turn of events will keep you on your toes; you’ll need to play things by ear.   A sentimental gift will touch an emotional chord.   A big financial undertaking or extra outlays will require some thoughtful choices.   With the planet Mercury turning Direct – a productive family discussion will guide you with a family or domestic project and drive it forward.
PISCES.   You’ll need to see the big picture, to address a nagging issue with another effectively or handle a problem that’s been simmering in the background; it will help you find the right approach.   A sentimental get-together will leave a reflective afterglow.   Taking a stronger initiative with a drawn out or long-term commitment will push it a little faster towards your goal.   Mercury turning Direct will bring clarifying information with a project or issue that’s been twisting and turning; it will help you make an important decision.

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