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How To Manifest Using Your Moon Sign

The Moon in astrology represents our emotional nature, what we define as our comfort zone, and the dreams we consider worth dreaming. And using one’s Moon sign for manifestations is an excellent way to tap into one’s soul and manifest from a space that feels second nature.

Additionally, manifesting with your Moon sign can protect you from making wishes that you may regret later. People often get influenced by the celebrity lifestyle or the possessions of other people, not taking into account whether that lifestyle is suitable for them or if something they want is even worth it. Your Moon sign can redirect you away from regretful desires and help you zone into goals that truly matter to you.

The secret to successfully manifesting with your Moon sign

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Manifesting with Aries Moon

If you have Moon in Aries, your natural tendency is to act first and ask questions later. You love diving headfirst into fresh projects and new adventures and are not one to shy away from taking the lead. To manifest with your Aries Moon, do not second-guess yourself. Your natural enthusiasm and fearless attitude make it easy for you to manifest your desires. It’s almost like you already possess an extra-large “law of attraction” magnet. For added power, do a manifestation ritual during an Aries New Moon or Full Moon. Just make sure it’s not during an eclipse as that will mess up your manifestations.

Manifesting with Taurus Moon

If you have Moon in Taurus, you are super loveable, easy-going, and excellent around children and animals. You may also be extremely beautiful in a salt-of-the-earth kind of way. To manifest with your Taurus Moon, do an intention-setting exercise first before you start manifesting. Take as many days as you need to zero in on the things you truly care about and edit out the bells and whistles. Food and flower rituals are perfect for you. For added power, manifest your biggest desires during a Taurus New Moon or Full Moon. Just make sure it’s not conjuncting with an eclipse as that can mess things up for you.

Manifesting with Gemini Moon

If you have Moon in Gemini, you are fun-loving, chatty, friendly, and an excellent partner in crime. But you may find it difficult to focus. To manifest using your Gemini Moon, speak your desires out loud. But not in a stream-of-consciousness kind of way. Focus first with an intention-setting exercise and then create a bunch of affirmations or manifestation spells (simple poems with a 1-2-1-2 rhyme scheme that’s easy to memorize) that you can say every day for a set amount of days. For added power, do this during a Gemini New Moon or Full Moon. But not during an eclipse, as that will mess up your manifestation.

Manifesting with Cancer Moon

If you have Moon in Cancer, you are a gentle soul who loves creature comforts and staying at home and hates busybodies who poke their noses into your business. To manifest using your Cancer Moon, tap into the ocean of emotions you have inside of you. Do a visualization exercise and imagine you already have what you are wishing for. Then, feel the entire gamut of emotions you know you will feel once you get what you want. Silver metal and coins are good manifestation tools for you. For added power, do your rituals during a Cancer Full Moon or New Moon, but steer clear of eclipse nights as they tend to mess up manifestations.

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