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​A warm hello.
I’ve got some big news!
The giant planet Jupiter will change Zodiac Signs this week – it will move into Taurus and transit Taurus until May 2024; Jupiter will last in Taurus in 2012!   Jupiter’s transit of Taurus is special this time though, because it joins another giant of the solar system, the planet Uranus in Taurus.
Jupiter is the planet of opportunity, the planet Uranus signifies change and the unexpected, so this transit could bring a change of fortune and some unusual unexpected opportunities.
Jupiter is considered a money planet; this cycle will relate directly to our finances in some way.
Jupiter is also the planet of expansion – your life will expand in a new way, or much greater involvement in an area of life will bring it right to the fore.
I’ll post your special Jupiter in Taurus ‘Big Planets, Big News’ forecast tomorrow.
Wishing you joy,

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