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Horoscopes Bring Heartbreak For 3 Zodiac Signs On May16

Guess who’s back? Shady’s back; we’re calling it Moon sextile Pluto because the shade is thick today, and heartbreak is most definitely possible. For the three zodiac signs who see heartbreak on May 16, 2023, is a dark day for the lover who thought they were the only one in someone’s life. 

Moon sextile Pluto is the day that we never saw coming … the day that brings home the heartbreak in ways we had not anticipated. We may not have thought that having our hearts ripped to shreds was part of our karmic destiny, yet … BAM! Here comes the heartbreak, and Moon sextile Pluto serves it hot and fresh. Yow.

It’s one thing to know your heart is breaking, and it’s a whole other thing to watch the person who is breaking your heart get nasty with it. That’s how Moon-sextile Pluto does its evil deed; it doesn’t just let us get away with pain and suffering.

It heaps it on with nasty words, upsetting news, and an extra jab of jealousy while it’s there.

Three zodiac signs will not only experience a backstabbing of epic proportions today, but we will also know that we’ve been lied to for a long time. We will be made into the ultimate fools today, so brace yourselves because this one will be smart.

This isn’t a guarantee. It’s not like it has to happen, but for those who will experience heartbreak today, during Moon sextile Pluto, it will be a little bit more extraordinary than at any other given time. Pluto transits are always messed up, and on this beautiful day of May 16, 2023, Moon sextile Pluto wins all the awards. Who’s going down with me?

Three zodiac signs will see heartbreak on May 16, 2023, during Moon sextile Pluto.

1. Taurus

(April 20 – May 20)

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