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jupiter in taurus…

A warm hello and welcome to your Jupiter in Taurus ‘Big Planets, Big News’ forecast!

Jupiter, the giant of the solar system, will transit Taurus from May 17th 2023 until May 2024!
Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and good fortune, it has a strong connection to finances, it also signifies an expansion of interest and greater engagement in an area of your life.
This Jupiter in Taurus cycle will be strongly influenced by the planet Uranus, which is also transiting Taurus; Uranus signifies change and the unexpected!

What does this mean for you?

   Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and good fortune, joining the planet Uranus in Taurus, the planet of change and the unexpected, could bring sudden opportunities to boost your earnings, do good deals, get an ambitious financial undertaking off the ground or make progress with an important financial matter.   You’ll become more engaged with financial issues and you’ll stretch your financial resources with ambitious or expensive plans and to splurge on special new possessions.   Conversely, a valuable gift, sudden financial gain or breakthrough with a financial enterprise or matter could be exhilarating!
TAURUS.   Fortuitous Jupiter joining the planet Uranus in your Zodiac Sign could bring a sudden change of fortune – a lucky break, a profitable career opening or a financial score!   You could take a big step with an investment or new financial venture.   You’ll also be in the right place, at the right time for an exciting personal opportunity.   You’ll add new dimensions to your life in some way, as you do fun new things, meet new people and embrace new personal experiences and challenges.   You’ll spend freely as well – on a holiday, fun treats, special things you really want to do and something expensive you want to buy.
GEMINI.   Jupiter with the planet Uranus here indicates that at last there’ll be progress with a slow-moving or drawn-out financial situation, task, problem or undertaking; also, you’ll be thinking and planning long-term, especially financially, and progressive, decisive developments will lead the way forward.   You’ll become more engaged with a health, diet or fitness goal too, or supporting someone close with their goals.   You’ll help and support a family member to the next level financially as well.   Life/the universe will help you in most unexpected ways, and at times you’ll really feel that it has your back!
CANCER.   With Jupiter and the planet Uranus here – a special wish will come true!   You’ll go somewhere, do or gain something you dearly want!   You’ll also offer help and support as only you can to someone dear.   You’ll develop valuable new connections and cultivate casual associations into friendships – a special friendship or liaison will grow.   There’ll be more fun in your life, more time for fun and your personal interests, and happy times will follow; this will change your work/life balance significantly.
LEO.   Here’s Jupiter and the planet Uranus – they’re accenting your career and direction zone: you could take a new path with an exciting, unexpected career or personal opportunity, alternatively an unusual professional challenge will be a chance to make your mark in a dynamic, impressive way; there’ll be opportunities to show more of what you can do, develop your talents and increase your earnings.    Conversely, a prize new possession will be a stretch and a bold financial venture will twist and turn as it goes; it will test your ability to think on your feet!   Love is featured too – Singles, an exciting romance could light up your love life!
VIRGO.    The planets Jupiter and Uranus are here: this is an expansive transit for you and may bring travel, holidays, a move, extended education or an exciting new interest that introduces you to a new world and a new circle of associates – you’ll be keenly engaged and eager to explore all that’s offering.   There’ll be legal matters or contracts to work through; being thorough will serve you – it will bring helpful discoveries and also have financial benefits.   There’ll be greater involvement with in-laws.   A long-distance relationship could grow significantly too.
LIBRA.   Jupiter and the planet Uranus are here: a financial change or restructuring, offloading a commitment or taking on a new loan, and negotiating important financial arrangements will answer a lot of questions as you go; alternatively, a new business, investment or special purchase will set you up in a new financial situation.   There’ll be a strong sense of purpose financially – you’ll be focused, determined and on a mission!   Spiritually or emotionally too, you’ll be seeking direction and it will come at meaningful times when you’re faced with important decisions.   An ending that serves you and a new beginning could be especially significant.
SCORPIO.   Jupiter, the planet of opportunity plus the planet Uranus, symbol of change and the unexpected, fall here: important new relationships could grow, a changing relationship could suddenly take a whole new direction, a big change for someone close may need personal or financial support, there could be an exciting opportunity or achievement for someone close and a special family project may be expensive; Singles, you could find your soul-mate!   On a financial note, a generous gift from another and giving generously to others will keep funds coming and going in extra large sums.
SAGITTARIUS.   Here are Jupiter and the planet Uranus: you’ll throw yourself into a new job, a new role on the job, or finding your way with changing conditions or associates on the job; alternatively, an unusual professional project will open the way to prove yourself in important new ways and increase your earnings, a sideline or overtime may also boost your earnings.   You’ll engage in a new diet, fitness or health pursuit as well and you may spend extra on these, supplements, the gym, special training or consultations.   A personal task or commitment could prove a challenging labour of love.
CAPRICORN.   With Jupiter joining the planet Uranus here, there’ll be exciting or fun different opportunities to engage with a favourite pursuit or unusual creative endeavour and you’ll relish the challenges involved.   Special plans or commitments with your children will ask a lot of you and may cost a pretty penny; a special success or opportunity for a loved one will be a sweet joy.   Singles, a providential encounter or sharing a common interest could be the start of a passionate romantic involvement.
AQUARIUS.   The planet Jupiter joining the planet Uranus in Taurus will bring action and change on the home front or with a property: you could buy, sell, move, renovate or repair and build a better financial situation for the future; you’ll also pour extra energy and money into family affairs, a big family project and celebrating something special with a family member.   Expensive purchases will add greater comfort even luxury to your home-life, a new home situation will be a joy but may require a few adjustments.   Unexpected family events and happenings at home will prevent life from becoming too routined.
PISCES.   Jupiter transiting Taurus with the planet Uranus, will bring exciting and unusual personal and professional projects – you will explore new ideas, break new ground and you’ll be keen to learn as much as you can; there’ll be an expansion of knowledge plus expansive learn-as-you-go experiences!   You’ll do some fun different short trips, explore new places and find unusual places that you love.   Working towards a long-term financial goal will need a resourceful approach, to cope with unexpected twists and turns along the way.

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