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A Karmic Relationship Ends For 3 Zodiac Signs On May 18 During Sun Sextile Neptune

May 18, 2023, karmic relationships end during the Sun sextile Neptune transit for three zodiac signs. We take stock of the fact that everything that happens … is meant to be. That takes strength and courage to accept, but once we know, we know, and on Thursday, we will figure something out: it’s time to accept that one of our relationships has ended.

It’s not sad, and it’s not happy … it just ‘is what it is,’ and because we feel this so intensely, we are one with it. On May 18, three signs of the zodiac will come to know that a significant relationship in our lives — a karmic one — has come full circle. It’s time to own the ending. We are now complete.

This isn’t about breaking up with your romantic partner, although it could be that … but this one goes deeper than that. During our lives, we make many acquaintances that we feel are necessary, almost to the point of them being unnaturally part of us or, rather … supernaturally involved. There are people whom we collect over the years that fall into categories, and some of these people are karmically tied to us.

There is no way they couldn’t be in our lives, but their stay in our lives is not necessarily slated for permanency; they have played their part, and now it’s time for them to move on. We accept it because inside … we know. We know that they did their job, and we also know that we did ours.

Karmic relationships serve a purpose, and while all relationships could be considered ‘karmic’ simply because they all have something to give or teach us, during the transit of Sun sextile Neptune, today, May 18, we will know exactly who it is that we must bid adieu to. This is not a time for tears but for acceptance and gratitude. We are lucky to have known them when we did, and now, for Tauruses, Cancers, and Sagittariuses, it’s time for us to let them go on their way.

Three zodiac signs karmic relationship ends during Sun sextile Neptune on May 18, 2023:

1. Taurus

(April 20 – May 20)

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