You are currently viewing Jupiter in Taurus, luxury, sensual, beauty, lucky

Jupiter in Taurus, luxury, sensual, beauty, lucky

OK all you lucky Taureans this is the time you’ve been waiting for. The Once in 12-year transit starts May 16, 2023, and goes to May 24,2024. The last time Jupiter was in Taurus was in 2011; think back on what was going on in your life then and for all signs.

Jupiter, the biggest planet, the Great Benefactor, is optimistic, trusting, and represents expansion, growth, abundance, and opportunities. JUPITER rules the signs of SAGITTARIUS and PISCES and is exalted in CANCER.

JUPITER is the WHEEL of FORTUNE in the TAROT #10

TAURUS is of course the BULL MARKET but the current alignment of planets is very tough. In fact this weekend, MARs at O Leo opposing Pluto Rx at 0 Aquarius and Square JUPITER and Nodes is a very tough FIXED GRAND CROSS and this was the set up when the Market Crashed in 1987 Black Monday and I was in Beverly Hills selling my wares at a craft show there the weekend it started.

JUPITER the GREAT BENEFIC, King of the Greek Gods as Zeus, also known as Odin in Viking Mythology, Yahweh in Judaism, all thunderbolt- throwing Gods are related to Jupiter. The biggest planet symbolizes everything positive, optimistic, opportunity, trust, faith, gambler, good humour man, generally transits one sign a year. 

Taurus is the first earth sign, it symbolizes spirit descending into matter and revelling in the 5 senses of abundance, beauty, and enjoyment of riches. FIXED sign TAURUS is associated with stability, practicality, material possessions and resources, TAURUS is ruled by VENUS, the most beautiful planet which governs women, and VENUS rules LIBRA too. The position of VENUS throughout 2023 and 2024 affects how Jupiter in TAURUS expresses itself fully. I’ll write more about this shortly.

When Jupiter is in Taurus, it brings an expansive, positive, sensuous, realistic,positive, creative, earthy influence, to TAURUS of course and all earth signs by TRINE- VIRGO and CAPRICORN and the signs Jupiter rules -SAGITTARIUS,PISCES and CANCER by JUPITER’S exalted position there.

Jupiter will expand your creativity, Taurus loves to DIY, the arts, wealth,money itself, beauty, the Bull market, things of long-lasting value, blue chip, tangible, things land, real estate, gold and silver, resources, food and peaceful bovine chewing the cud and enjoying being on the material plane.


  1. Financial Growth: Taurus is connected to material wealth, and Jupiter’s presence can enhance financial growth and abundance. There may be opportunities for financial expansion, increased prosperity, and material well-being. It’s a favorable time for investments, business ventures, and accumulating assets.
  2. Stability and Security: Taurus values stability and security, and with Jupiter here, it can bring a sense of ease and contentment. There may be a desire for more comfort and efforts to create a solid foundation in various areas of life, such as relationships, career, and home, all VENUS rules things
  3. Sensuality and Pleasure: Taurus is associated with sensuality, pleasure, and indulgence. Jupiter’s influence can magnify these qualities, bringing a greater enjoyment of physical pleasures, such as good food, luxurious experiences, and sensual relationships. However, it’s important to maintain balance and not go overboard.
  4. Growth in Personal Values: Taurus represents personal values and principles. Jupiter’s presence here can encourage growth and expansion in these areas, promoting a deeper understanding of what truly matters to you. It’s a time for personal development, self-reflection, and aligning your actions with your core values.
  5. Earthly Connection: Taurus is an earth sign, and Jupiter’s influence can foster a stronger connection to the natural world and physical realm. It’s a good time for grounding practices, appreciating nature, and engaging in activities that bring you closer to the Earth.
  6. Patience and Persistence: Taurus is known for its patience and determination, and with Jupiter’s influence, these qualities may be heightened. It’s a time for persevering through challenges, staying committed to long-term goals, and reaping the rewards through sustained effort.

Here are the major aspects Jupiter makes in 2023

June 1st JUPITER conjuncts North Node at 3 degrees. GET CLEAR ABOUT YOUR DIRECTION.

Remember that MERCURY just stops and stationed DIRECT May 14 at 5 degrees,51’ TAURUS very close to the North Node. The North Node is our collective purpose, and our higher spirurtual goals. In TAURUS it is driven by money, physical resources, tangible assets, self-esteem, earnings and tools.

June 11 Jupiter enters its’ shadow Retrograde at 5 degrees 38’

June 19 JUPITER SATURN SEXTILE the first since December 21,2020 when they had their historic conjunction. It’s positive, and expanding spiritually as Jupiter rules PISCES where SATURN is right now.  Jupiter and Saturn balance each other out. Saturn brings discipline, maturity, and shows us the expansive nature of inward path. This hasn’t happened since 2016.

July 23 VENUS turns RETROGRADE in LEO at 28+ degrees at 9:33 pm EDT.

This can definitely indicate hard times financially.But an opportunity to listen to our hearts.  VENUS rules TAURUS so wherever Venus is, that affects how JUPITER expresses, expands and values things. PREPARE to go over old ground lovers and matters of the heart.

ON September 4,2023 Labor Day JUPITER goes RETROGRADE and VENUS goes DIRECT on the same day. Which is amazing synchronicity. This is the time to go within and review, rewrite, retrace, remake, re-evaluate everything until..

December 30 JUPITER stations DIRECT at the same degree as it was in June. It will take until 2024 until JUPITER bypasses that degree.

Where is Taurus IN YOUR NATAL CHART? that’s where JUPITER will be bringing joy, expansion creativity, and abundance.

Just be careful of not being too cocky, too trying to impress friends and too self-indulgent and lazy yes Taurus has ghat couch potato side to it too. Jupiter can affect your thyroid so be sure you get enough natural iodine and watch your Thyroid. Jupiter can bring weight gain to the things and hips.

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