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Love Horoscopes Are Exceptionally Lucky May 18, 2023, Thanks To Sun Sextile Neptune

What makes May 18, 2023, feel especially for three zodiac signs is that on this day, we feel the need to celebrate their partner’s existence as if it were their birthday — which it may very well be. Many of us want to stand back and let our partners take the spotlight; we have no intention of messing up their day in any way.

We want them to feel honored and loved. We want to ensure our partners know they can trust and are safe with us. We are willing to stand back and let them shine today, and we will do that by listening to them without interrupting and considering their feelings as they tell us all about whatever is on their minds.

What we have going for us is the transit of Sun sextile Neptune, which is exactly what’s behind the reason for our compassionate take on our partner’s well-being today. During this transit, we are exceptionally in tune with our partner’s needs and desires.

We not only respect what they feel and who they are, but we are there to show them that they are also interesting enough to hold our attention. We are not distracted by the stuff of life on this day; our main intention is to be there for the one we love, and because of Sun sextile Neptune, they will know it … and appreciate it.

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So, three zodiac signs feel very good about stepping back and handing the spotlight to the one we love. We are very genuine during this time. Sun sextile Neptune brings out a side to us that is compassionate and understanding.

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