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Mercury Back in the Office, Jupiter’s Changes & New Moon in Taurus

The Astrology Blog 15 May 2023

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You cannot afford to wait for perfect conditions. Goal setting is often a matter of balancing timing against available resources. Opportunities are easily lost while waiting for perfect conditions.”

Gary Ryan Blair – author of several books about high achievement, incl What Are Your Goals – Powerful Questions to Discover What You Want out of Life


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein


The Astrology Blog is a weekly teaching blog, including the astrology for the week ahead and analysis of how astrology is showing in the world around us, in world events or in the lives of those in the public eye.

The content of the blog focuses on astrological interpretation and includes commentary on the psychotherapeutic benefits of using astrology as a frame of reference, for the individual and the collective.

If you want to see the visual of the wheel with the sign and degree of the planets in your own or any other natal chart, to check against the signs and degrees important this week as outlined in the blog, here’s the link to Astrotheme.

Enter your data into the boxes provided, and you’ll also find an invaluable databank of thousands of celebrities. You can also store up to 200 charts of your own:



Chris Mitchell’s group arrives today! Really looking forward to this week and also to Elisabeth Brooke’s course next week, which is fully subscribed. But if you fancy an astrology break on the Greek island of Lefkada before high season there’s one more course between now and Sept, Astrology & Tarot, flights out on Wednesday 7 June. I ran this course for the first time last year and it was hugely enjoyed, by students and by me, and it’s all about how to combine tarot and astrology for predictive work –

TAROT & ASTROLOGY – with Joanna

Includes learning how to use the tarot for your own questions and also working on your own horoscope

7 – 14 JUNE

This group was originally fully booked by the end of last year, then had cancellations, then filled up again, and now has spaces again. Sometimes there are things that nobody can get around, like surgery dates and court cases! So with Mercury having switched red lights to green in the early hours of Monday morning now’s the time to get in touch if you’d like to find out more, especially as flight prices for that week are looking really good –

  • Variety of return flights from Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted, Bristol & Manchester – ranging from £127.00 to £199.00
  • Transfers and accommodation organised by me, all you have to do is book your flight



So my big news is that, as regular readers know, I’ve been writing this blog for over 15 years. I’ve looked back to see if I could find the date of the first blog but that’s lost in the mists of time and changes of computer, and didn’t consciously start off as a full blog anyway but as a much shorter newsletter that then evolved into its current form.

I’m sure am not alone in finding that successful things in my life were never fully planned in advance, the idea takes root and then it grows. But these seminal moments show in the chart and for me, being a textbook Sag, nearly always happen under strong Jupiter activity.

I hope it’s obvious that I love my blog, I look forward to writing it, all day Sunday and Monday mornings are devoted to it. I get plenty of positive feedback but right now I’d love to hear back from you if you’d like to say what the weekly blog means for you? Just a couple of sentences would be ideal and a selection of testimonials will go onto the website, with first name only or anonymously if preferred.


Up until now the blog has been free but within the next few weeks this is going to change to subscription. This will be at a very affordable rate of £5.95 a month, which works out at £1.37 a week, or you can do an annual subscription of £57.00 which is the monthly rate minus 20%. That works out even cheaper at £1.09 a week.

I hope you’ll feel that this will be a personal investment as well as putting a value on your astrological guide! I’ve actually been thinking about doing this for the last couple of years and, as to be expected, the moment of feeling ready to do it is reflected in the current astrological picture. Mercury turned direct this morning exactly conjunct the cusp of my 6th House of work, skills and craft. Cuspal features, either natal or in transits or lunations, carry a lot of weight.


EXACT DATE WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOON – but it will be at least another two weeks and I know that the most important thing is to make this easy. This is going to be a huge learning curve for me in terms of the technology but I’m assured that the easiest way to make your subscription will be through PayPal and there will be PayPal buttons to click on that will take you through the steps, very quick and easy to do.

If you don’t want to use PayPal you can simply contact me direct for how to make a bank transfer or set up a direct debit. Any other questions on this please do ask.



Short answer, a lot! Sometimes we have a week where there’s something significant falling on every single day and this week is one of them. Here’s your “at a glance” look, starting with Mercury turning direct (hurray!) just one day before Jupiter changes sign and ending with both the Sun and Mars changing sign too –

Monday 15 May

  • Mercury turns direct at 15.52 Taurus 04.18

Tuesday 16 May

  • Jupiter ingress Taurus 18.21

Wednesday 17 May

  • Moon conjunct Jupiter 0 Taurus 13.48

Thursday 18 May 

  • Jupiter 0 Taurus square Pluto 0 Aquarius 01.57
  • Sun 27 Taurus sextile Neptune 27 Pisces 10.01

Friday 19 May

  • Mercury 6 Taurus sextile Saturn 6 Pisces 07.41
  • New Moon 28 Taurus 16.54

Saturday 20 May

Sunday 21 May 

  • Mars 0 Leo opposite Pluto 0 Aquarius 04.07
  • Sun ingress Gemini 08.10
  • Sun 0 Gemini trine Pluto 0 Aquarius 14.56

Monday 22 May

  • Sun 1 Gemini sextile Mars 1 Leo 06.58



So the three weeks of Mercury’s backwards loop have come to an end. This means it’s off with the Trickster’s Hat and back on with the Magician’s one, full description at the end of the blog for the kind of things to expect at this time.


Note that Taurus is a huge theme this week as the Sun is travelling through the last 7 degrees of this sign and we have the New Moon at 28 degrees, Mercury gets back on track here and Jupiter begins his 12 month journey. As there are 12 signs of the zodiac it’s easy maths, Jupiter spends a year in each sign and his next change of sign will be into Gemini on 26 May 2024.

There’s always a long retrograde loop of about four months in the middle of each 12 month journey but this won’t start until 4 September, so for now Jupiter is not only changing sign but also powering forwards.

Here’s a reminder of Jupiter’s job description, especially relevant to you at the moment if you have personal planets or Angles at or very close to 0 degrees Taurus –

Jupiter – main principle is expansion, anything that makes our life bigger and better, known as the Greater Benefic (he benefits us) Jupiter brings the things or the people into our lives that are helpful and good for us. Planet of opportunity, luck, liberation (eg from horrible job, wrong relationship, something you wish you’d never agreed to in the first place), good fortune, abundance, generosity both giving and receiving, higher education & learning, publishing, truth and justice/all legal concerns. Long distance travel, foreigners, and all matters or people related to overseas. In the physical body Jupiter rules the hips, buttocks, thighs and sciatic nerve.

Looking back I think Jupiter in Aries (Mars ruled, Cardinal Fire) has been a bit frenetic! It’s a very “fired up” combination, so am looking forward to this new cycle of The Greater Benefic in Taurus, sign of the Bull (placid until provoked) represented by Fixed Earth. Taurus is a Venus sign so there’s a softness here, along with the Venusian qualities of sensuality, appreciation of nature and produce, potential for growth, abundance and an appetite for life’s pleasures.

The downside of this combination is that Jupiter is Mr Big, the big traveller and the painter of big pictures, but Taurus as the sign of Fixed Earth likes routine and the familiarity of home turf under their feet. Taureans generally hate to be rushed or pushed into anything, whereas textbook Jupiter types tend to be entrepreneurial and don’t mind taking risks. Taurus values safety.

But there’ll be plenty of opportunities to explore this combination in the coming year as it will show in the news of world events and in the charts of those with any planets or Angles in Taurus. It’s also educational to find natal examples of any placing that you want to learn about. For example, Aristotle Onassis was an empire building Capricorn, with his Sun at 29 degrees of that sign in harmonious trine to Jupiter at 26 Taurus. His riches were totally self made after his family had to flee as refugees to Greece in his teens.


For now bear in mind that any planet changing sign moves from 29 degrees of one sign to 0 degrees of the next. These are both recognised as critical degrees, not necessarily as in “crisis” although this can sometimes happen, but more usually in terms of major transitions – endings and beginnings. As we have three planets changing sign this week this theme is being underlined, but it’s especially important for Jupiter as his change of sign is so infrequent.

Pay close attention to what unfolds for you as Jupiter makes this transition, especially as less than 24 hours later there’s the monthly Moon – Jupiter conjunction, always stunning to behold in the sky if you can see it and equally wonderful in symbolism. It’s a little blessing and definitely to be wished upon. Remember that Jupiter’s sign of “exaltation” is Cancer, the sign naturally ruled by the Moon. They make excellent companions.

Also add in that Jupiter once in Taurus will be in the Moon’s sign of “exaltation”. So whenever the Moon is in Cancer (two and a half days every month) we will have what is called a Reception by Exaltation – ie Moon and Jupiter will be in each other’s sign of exaltation.

This indicates that the planets are “pairing” in some way, acting as if they’re in close aspect to each other, flagging up the potential of mutually beneficial arrangements of all kinds, of any kind of “swapping over” theme. The first time we’ll see this is the beginning of next week with the Moon in Cancer from Monday 22nd 04.30 to Wednesday 24th 15.56 BST. Great for all the Moon’s concerns such as home, family and property issues.

There will be 12 more Moon – Jupiter conjunctions in Taurus to come between now and next May but this is the only one that will fall at the pivotal 0 degrees. For many there’ll be a sense of “the time is right” eg for me making the change with subscriptions for the blog, and I’m STILL in negotiations for the new books because of timing issues. Also look out for that lucky break. Jupiter is great at the 11th hour helping hand.


The other factor in the mix at the moment when a planet changes sign is that they will automatically align with Pluto who is “stuck” at 0 degrees Aquarius, has been since 23 March and will be until 11 June (the date Pluto slides back into Capricorn). So this week Jupiter squares Pluto, Mars opposes and the Sun trines –

Tuesday 16 May

  • Jupiter ingress Taurus (29 Aries to 0 Taurus) 18.21

Thursday 18 May 

  • Jupiter 0 Taurus square Pluto 0 Aquarius 01.57

Saturday 20 May

  • Mars ingress Leo (29 Cancer to 0 Leo) 16.33

Sunday 21 May 

  • Mars 0 Leo opposite Pluto 0 Aquarius 04.07
  • Sun ingress Gemini (29 Taurus to 0 Gemini) 08.10
  • Sun 0 Gemini trine Pluto 0 Aquarius 14.56

So we’ve got themes of transition, moving from one thing to another, we have themes of critical degrees that can bring definite endings but powerful new beginnings and we have the involvement of Pluto who in himself is the planet (I refuse to call him an asteroid!) of death and rebirth, ultimately transformation.

If you have natal planets or Angles at 0 degrees of any sign then this week is one you’ll most probably look back on, the week when everything started to shift in new directions, the week when the picture started to come back into focus. This could be for good or bad depending on your situation but the bottom line will be along the lines of seeing what you don’t want or can’t have, what’s not going to work or what you have to give up to make something else viable.


I’ll be talking more about the Sun and Mars’ new journeys over the next few weeks. For now we need to keep our attention on Mercury who turned direct this morning and will spend the rest of this week inching forwards again. In the process we see the third and final alignment to Saturn, the first one falling 5 April and the middle retrograde one falling a week ago, last Friday. This third one is the finale and falls on the same day as the New Moon –

Friday 19 May

  • Mercury 6 Taurus sextile Saturn 6 Pisces 07.41
  • New Moon 28 Taurus 16.54

If you have Mercury and Saturn in any aspect to each other in your natal chart (like me, mine are conjunct) then this finale is likely to be important. For me this is going to coincide with the beginning of this year’s summer school as Thursday will be the first day of Chris Mitchell’s week which is a mixture of new and returning students. Mercury – Saturn is great for learning about medieval astrology!

I think it will also be about finalizing the book contract problems – ie publishers tend to take a long time to make their minds up but when they decide that they want you they then want the book yesterday. Mercury is the writing of the book, Saturn is Lord of Time, the two together are deadlines. Because of my teaching commitments until the end of September and then the soaring heat of July and August in the middle, I can’t meet their requested deadline of October. One of the hallmarks of Mercury turning direct is to renegotiate anything that hasn’t been working.

At a general level Mercury – Saturn is also closure. Whatever you agree to do or not do at this time, whatever you decide upon, will almost certainly be the final version with no chance to keep going back again. It can also take the shape of difficult news or the things you really didn’t want to hear but at least it’s the end of guessing games.


As noted earlier Taurus is the Moon’s sign of exaltation so this is a beautiful New Moon. Fresh starts, clean slates, new opportunities – these are the kind of universal things to look out for at the time of any New Moon. In Taurus, a Venus sign, new cycles with work, money or mutual physical attractions get an extra big tick.

Next week starts with the Sun and Mars aligning with each other, teaming up with each other on their new journeys. The Sun is the life force itself, Mars will be in Leo the Sun’s sign, so this feels like another combination of good companions. The compatibility of these two is also indicated that they share strength in Aries, Mars’ masculine sign of dignity and the Sun’s sign of exaltation, so when they’re getting on it’s great for things like action instead of talk, which is one of the points that you’ll find below on the Mercury turning direct list. Or just for being crazy busy!

Guard against burnout – note to self, take own advice …

Until next week, with love from Greece




What to Expect – out of our control

  • Decisions dropped on us, tipping points and turnarounds, usually for the better. Even if it doesn’t seem that way it becomes clearer at a later date that we were being steered onto the right path
  • Events that started around three weeks ago reveal their full significance or consequences. Matters that have been stuck now start to pick up speed OR are no longer important
  • Breaking news, expected or unexpected, that affects us or someone close to us
  • Information comes to light, the truth outs, secrets are revealed or feelings are declared – we have the chance to see things as they really are
  • Your own or other people’s changes of heart/mind either way – ie from no to yes or vice versa
  • Light bulb flashes of the “I get it now” type insights
  • People get back to you or you get back to them – deals get done and papers get signed
  • The right person appears to deal with the frustrating problem beyond our own expertise
  • The reappearance of someone or something that was first important three to four weeks ago
  • Finding what you’ve been looking for – whether it’s lost objects, spiritual needs or the right partner

What to Do – within our control                             

  • Engage fully with who or what enters your life or springs back to life, especially with who or what is motivational for you
  • Say yes to a date, or do the asking yourself – this person could be a whole new journey of discovery
  • Initiate conversations – you’ll be amazed at what they reveal and where they lead
  • Have you been over thinking it? Resolve to stop talking about something and just DO IT!
  • Where do you need to think differently? Turn negatives into positives, say yes to yourself, take head out of sand, muster your courage and determination – there’s at least one thing that, with some renewed energy and a fresh approach, can now come good
  • Stop people pleasing, pretending or avoiding. This includes letting go of resentments or anything you’ve been stewing over – be true to you
  • Tackle the things you’ve been putting off and make those decisions, especially when changing anything that’s suited others but which isn’t that great for you
  • Make job applications or chase up one already made – insist on an interview, it could be the best thing you ever did
  • Update or upgrade your phone, tablet or desktop, and get your head around using new technology of any kind that could be useful to you
  • Start arranging things to look forward to, long term but also in the immediate future – schedule in at least one thing that you absolutely love doing, alone or with company 🙂

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