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Traits You Attract When Dating Your ‘Shadow Self’

We all have a ‘shadow self’ that typically comes out through interactions with other people, especially those we date.

According to TikTok creator and Evolutionary and Intuitive Astrologer Taryn Leigh Bond, “The shadow self is by design the opposite of you.” Your shadow side can be found through your opposite Ascendant sign, also known as your Descendant sign. We often attract those romantic partners who represent our own shadow side because, as astrologist A.T. Nunez explains, “the Descendant sign is representative of the half of you that’s ‘missing.'”

Once we discover our shadow self it can be integrated, acknowledged and worked on so we can have better and healthier relationships.

Let’s take a look at your opposite sign by Ascendant and the shadow qualities those you date may bring to the table.

Traits of your ‘shadow self’ that you attract in relationships

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Aries Rising / Libra Descendant

Your opposite is Libra, so the shadow side can be indecisive, detached and at times hard to pin down. The natural Libra characteristics, such as a great sense of style, diplomacy and fairness, sometimes show their darker underside. If this is the case, these qualities can turn to vanity, snobbishness and vacillation or inability to make a decision.

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