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Horoscopes Feel Out Of Control For 3 Zodiac Signs, Moon Conjuncts Uranus

May 18, 2023, three zodiac signs have rough horoscopes. Today, maybe a day when several of us feel deeply frustrated over the things we cannot control. While this is the human condition, and we feel this every day to some degree, we’re looking at how the transit, Moon conjunct Uranus, works its way into our lives for better or worse.

This isn’t a terrible day, mind you. Rather, it’s the kind of day that lets us see the obstacles in our lives and what we need to do to remove them or accept them. Because Moon conjunct Uranus tends to make us snappy or impatient, getting our answers may come the long way around, but that doesn’t imply we won’t get our answers; we may just have to take our time getting there.

For many of us, we ‘think we know.’ This arrogance doesn’t feel arrogant, it feels confident, and on any other day, we might be able to deal with our situations confidently. Still, Moon conjunct Uranus tosses in a monkey wrench, and that diversion comes from a lack of patience.

Uranus energy makes us want things now, and we feel strong, tall and rebellious because of it … but Moon conjunct Uranus lets us know that just because we think like superstars doesn’t mean we will accomplish what we set out for. In other words, “That’s life.” It happens.

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