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How To Predict Your Soulmate’s Appearance Using Astrology

According to astrology, it’s possible to piece together clues to find out who your soulmate is, from where you might meet them (and when you’ll do so) to the first letter of their name. There’s even a way to interpret your birth chart to find out your soulmate’s appearance. 

To accurately figure that out, you need to first pull up your birth chart using a birth chart calculator, and then look at your seventh house of relationships and marriage.

How to predict your soulmate’s appearance, using astrology

Once you have your birth chart placements, look at the seventh house and note its ruling planet. (This technique also includes the North and South Nodes, so if you have one of those in your seventh house, take note of that as well.) If you have an empty seventh house, you will go by the ruler of your seventh house.

The following list will tell you what your soulmate looks like, based on your seventh house’s ruling planets. If you have multiple planets here, your soulmate’s physical appearance will be a mix of all of them.

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Sun in the 7th house

If you have Sun in your seventh house, your soulmate will have a broad face with sharp angles and a prominent bone structure. They may have a square face shape and thin hair or a receding hairline. Regardless of their gender, they will have a masculine quality to their appearance with broad shoulders, big arms, and a muscular upper body. Their skin will have a warm or honeyed undertone, no matter the color. And for some, they may have golden or brown hair.

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