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LovEvolution Gathering Memorial Day Weekend

Join us in Western North Carolina – 40 minutes from Asheville – for the return of the LovEvolution Gathering! This high-vibration gathering is Memorial Day Weekend: Friday thru Monday, May 26-29. Come for all or part of this magical event!

Tickets are by donation, and limited to 333 participants.

We are powerful co-creators of the world we experience. To cultivate the world of our dreams we will share dozens of heart- and mind- opening workshops and events!

These include Ecstatic Dance, Song and Fire Circle, Drumming, Musical Performances, Ceremony, Celebrations, Compassionate Communication, Sacred Relationship, Qi Gong, Sound Healing, Yoga, Shamanic Breathwork and much more.

There will also be opportunities to immerse yourself in nature by hiking the land, soaking in the hot tubs, cleansing in the sauna and swimming in the natural swimming pond and rivers.

Other events include:

The Art of Intimacy: Relationship as a Spiritual Path

The Timeline Shifts of 2023: Being in the Source Light Timeline

Children’s Songwriting Workshop and Energy Exploration

New Earth Teachings from the Maoli Kanak Light Keepers of Hawaii 

Compassionate Communication and Intimacy

Living in the New Paradigm

Trauma Recovery, Inner Child Work and Core Wound Healing

Cultivating Healthy Boundaries and Relationships

Instant Divine Assistance: Fast and Easy Spiritual Awakening, Healing, and More (my workshop, Saturday at 5:30 pm)

Awakening to Your Divine Destiny

Soul Medicine Vibrations: Sound Healing and Spontaneous Toning Circle

Mana Gardening Meditation

The Amazonian Medicine Path of Curanderismo

Voice Activation and Sacred Song Circle

Activating the New Earth Our Hearts Know is Possible

Building Archetopia: Astrology, Human Design, and the New Earth Village

Sweat Lodge

Sacred Water Journey & Ceremony

The Gathering will be held at Sacred Mountain Waters Wellness Sanctuary, a 200+-acre private mountain valley bounded by two pristine rivers. It’s in Marshall, NC, a beautiful 40-minute drive north of Asheville.

A daily community dinner is included. You can cook your own breakfast and lunch at the community kitchen, and/or enjoy organic venders offering delicious gourmet food throughout the weekend. 

You can also experience a Spirit Costume Celebration, Old Time Talent Show, the Magic Love Bus, the Love Cleanse Ritual, Ecstatic Dance Temple, song sharing, Vedic Tea Lounge, Kirtan, and a heart-opening “Tunnel of Love” experience!

Learn more about the LovEvolution Gathering.

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