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Most Manipulative Zodiac Signs Ranked + Their Manipulative Traits

Everybody has the ability to manipulate others to get the things they want. You may not be aware that you’re manipulating someone, or you may know exactly what you’re doing.

Some people are easily manipulated, while others have more resistance. Narcissists are major manipulators and only have their own interests at heart, though they will definitely pretend they’re being selfless.

According to astrology, the most manipulative zodiac signs can be just about anyone. And depending on specific personality traits, the manipulative things each sign does vary greatly from one person to the next.

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If your partner is prone to laziness and the only way you can get them active is to manipulate them, is it wrong? It’s in their best interests, after all.

The problem is that if you coerce them and they haven’t shown any initiative, they may fall back into previous behaviors. It’s best if you can encourage someone or support them so their good behavior comes naturally.

The Most Manipulative Zodiac Signs in Astrology Ranked, Plus the Most Manipulative Traits Of Each

1. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

The most manipulative thing Gemini does is to stretch the truth; in other words, they lie.

They can rationalize their lying, saying it’s for the greater good and there are no other options, but they use lying as a way to manipulate others.

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