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Year Of The Snake Chinese Zodiac Personality Traits, Years And Compatibility

Chinese astrology is divided into 12 zodiac animals: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Your Chinese zodiac sign is based on the lunar year you were born in.

This 12-year cycle is further expanded to a 60-year cycle wherein each zodiac animal cycles through five Chinese zodiac elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

The Snake Chinese zodiac sign is considered one of the wisest among the zodiac animals and bestows on a person the ability to stay serene under pressure, be observant, and strike when the time is right.

Snake Chinese zodiac years

The following are the Lunar Years of the Snake. If you were born between these dates, your Chinese zodiac sign is Snake:

  • Jan 27, 1941 – Feb 14, 1942: Metal Snake
  • Feb 14, 1953 – Feb 3, 1954: Water Snake
  • Feb 2, 1965 – Jan 20, 1966: Wood Snake
  • Feb 18, 1977 – Feb 6, 1978: Fire Snake
  • Feb 6, 1989 –Jan 26, 1990: Earth Snake
  • Jan 24, 2001 –Feb 11, 2002: Metal Snake
  • Feb 10, 2013 – Jan 30, 2014: Water Snake
  • Jan 29, 2025 – Feb 16, 2026: Wood Snake

Year of the Snake Chinese zodiac personality traits

Snakes are the symbol of wisdom and intuition in Chinese mythology. And people born in the Year of the Snake are believed to be naturally intelligent, creative, and good problem-solvers. They are intensely private, though, and prefer to observe from the sidelines rather than take center stage. But they don’t mind socializing if people are respectful of their boundaries and give them space to withdraw if they need to.

Snakes do really well in scientific careers where their powers of observation and critical thinking are engaged. But they also loved to keep up with the times and own the latest gadgets and fashion items.

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