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your forecast may 19th…

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The planets Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury plus the Sun and New Moon are all in Taurus!   This is a massive build up in one Sign of the Zodiac and because the New Moon is there as well, it signifies a decisive new beginning or development.

The Sun will then move into Gemini.

When the Moon joins Venus in Cancer next week, it will bring something beautiful – a beautiful new possession, experience or moment.

When the Moon reaches Mars, there’ll be a vigorous surge of activity, or a situation or task that requires an energetic effort.

   This powerful Taurus energy accents financial matters for you: you could work harder to boost your income, explore a new source of income, throw yourself into a new financial venture, investigate financial options you haven’t considered before and/or allocate funds for expensive purchases and plans.   You’ll be thinking about your finances, organising them as carefully as you can and working out how to get ahead.   Adding music, art or decorative touches to your home will make home an even nicer place to be.   Extra commitments with loved ones will be labours of love that come from the heart.
TAURUS.   This major accent on your Zodiac Sign will rev up energy and personal motivation; you’ll take control of exciting new plans, an ambitious personal, family or domestic project, hefty tasks that need organisation and problems that have been stuck, and get things moving; taking the first steps will generate a wave of action and as you’ll be at the helm, where they go will be up to you!   A beautiful place will leave a lingering afterglow.   A family commitment or overdue domestic chores will suddenly become pressing.
GEMINI.   This powerful Taurus accent will revive your efforts to achieve a long-term objective: you’ll work through drawn out issues, setbacks or some wearing unfinished business with renewed determination, but be prepared, you’ll need to keep the end goal in sight and plenty of staying power!   A domestic repair, task or a family duty will be demanding too.   A beautiful personal possession will be a joy.   Going further afield will take energy and organisation.
CANCER.   The strong Taurus emphasis here indicates an important new friendship will form or there’ll be a new chapter with an evolving friendship or association.   Fun plans to go somewhere special or do something fun and different will whet your appetite for more.   With Venus in your Zodiac Sign, you’ll be tuned into the beauty around you – you’ll appreciate beauty in the environment and beautiful things, you’ll also want to look your beautiful best for a special occasion or someone special.   A financial task, detail, expense or account will need to be sorted out promptly.
LEO.   Here is the strong Taurus accent: an ambitious project on the job will be a defining career move or you’ll take a big step with a personal ambition; this is the time to take control and make your mark!   You’ll find something beautiful or sentimental that you’ve treasured for a long time and it will turn back time!   An unexpected or unusual turn of events will call for you to think on your feet; it may also bring a shift in a relationship, or several relationships.
VIRGO.   The strong Taurus emphasis here points to exciting travel plans or exciting plans with a distant relative, friend or colleague; alternatively, you could get out and about to new places, learn a lot from an interesting group of people and expand your horizons in stimulating, informative, educational ways.   A charming encounter or meaningful exchange will give you an emotional lift.   A challenging situation or an old problem will test your resourcefulness.
LIBRA.   This strong Taurus accent points to important financial business: you’ll take a big financial step, make a special purchase, set up a new financial arrangement or embrace an ambitious financial project and in the process, you’ll reorganise your financial situation and how you manage your commitments.   There’ll be complex paperwork to work though too – tax, super, insurance or contracts that require focused attention to details.   A creative endeavour, or a decorating project will be a challenge you love.   There’ll be PR opportunities to build connections you’re keen to foster.   A fun different outing or activity will take a special effort.
SCORPIO.   All this Taurus falls in your relationship zone: there may be a big opportunity or change for a loved one, alternatively there’ll be a new situation or development with someone close to adjust to, or a big project or commitment with a loved one that takes your relationship in a new direction; several relationships around you may also shift gear or be a lot of work.   A beautiful place will uplift the spirit.   An urgent or challenging task or the job or personally will push you to the max.
SAGITTARIUS.   All this Taurus here, accenting your work and health, points to a new job, a new role on the job or an unusual professional project – you’ll work with new colleagues, tackle new types of tasks and prove yourself in a new way.   Also, engaging in a health pursuit will inspire you to change your practices or set a new fitness, diet or health goal!   Splurging on a beautiful gift for another or a spontaneously generous gesture will make a caring statement.   A special engagement or commitment with a loved one will take you further afield.
CAPRICORN.   Here is all the Taurus: a fun outing, get-together or occasion will help a relationship to turn a new corner, an opportunity for a loved one will give you joy too.   A favourite pursuit will gather exciting momentum and you’ll enjoy the company of like-minded people.   Seeing beauty and kindness in another person will endear them to you.   A sudden cost or annoying financial matter will put you on the spot; keep your cool to sort it out patiently.
AQUARIUS.   The strong Taurus emphasis falls here for you: a new home situation will require adjustments; alternatively, a domestic or family project will surge ahead or reach next level!   You’ll put a lot of love into a special task or commitment, or a project that adds beauty to your world and you’ll savour the results; conversely, a health or beauty pursuit or treatment will make you feel good.   An inconvenient request from someone close or regarding plans that you share will ask a lot of you.
PISCES.   This powerful Taurus accent here for you indicates an exciting personal project will bring valuable discoveries and unusual new experiences; you’ll meet knowledgeable people and enjoy some informative, stimulating discussions.   A mentor could be a wonderful guide.   There may be a short trip or change of scene!   An artistic outing or experience will be a joy, a charming invitation or encounter will be quite meaningful and a romantic interlude or setting will switch on the magic!   A challenging physical task will require a super effort.

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