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3 Zodiac Signs Confess Their Love During Mars Opposite Pluto On May 20, 2023

Three zodiac signs confess their love on May 21, 2023, thanks to Mars opposite Pluto. Sometimes, in order to get us to do that thing we’ve had on our minds for so long, as in — telling the person we’ve been crushing on that we are in love with them — we need an impetus, some kind of external stimulation to get us up and on to our feet.

While we may be fantasizing about how we’ll let them know…soon, we sometimes wait too long and blow the moment; we really don’t want to but it takes guts to walk on over to the person we’ve been admiring so that we can change the dynamic with them. We want to confess our love, but in truth, we’re scared to, for fear of rejection or for coming across as a fool.

If we’re ever going to get this confession out of our system, it’s going to take a miracle…or an astrological transit that will kick us into action. And that transit happens today, so…on your mark, get set….go!

May 20, brings us the transit of Mars opposite Pluto, and this is a very aggressive, very hostile transit. So, how could such a transit move us to do something as kindly and sweet as confess our love for someone? 

Because it is during this time that we really get to feel it in our bones, and what’s felt is the dread of how bad it would be if we stayed in that stuck place, doing nothing. Mars opposite Pluto lights the fire beneath us by showing us visions of ‘what if I don’t?’ We ‘get it’ today. We see the opportunity and we seize it…because we can clearly see what will happen if we don’t move fast on this.

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