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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Pride Gets In The Way Of Love During Mars In Leo On May 20, 2023

Three zodiac signs let pride get in the way of love on May 20, 2023, due to Mars in Leo. All zodiac signs will experience an ego-bruising today that cannot be helped on Saturday. Sometimes ‘ego’ is not such a bad thing, and even though it’s gotten the worst rap imaginable over the years, sometimes ‘ego’ is a part of our identity, and that’s not always a terrible thing. We identify with our beliefs, ways and style … we build our egos on positive affirmation. 

Ego isn’t always about being the puffed-up person in love with themselves — that’s ‘conceit.’ The ego is here to help us survive; however, on May 20, 2023, our ego will be challenged by Mars’s astrological transit in Leo, which could lead to hurtful pride.

Today, we should not be surprised if we run into someone who tells us we are doing something wrong … especially if we love that person and are in a romantic relationship. It’s not easy to be told off by someone we love, and even if they don’t really mean it offensively, during Mars in Leo, our reaction to their criticism might be a little more over the top than we’d like it to be.

We are a touch hostile today because Mars in Leo doesn’t bring out our peacemaking selves. Instead, it eggs on the part that wants to defend itself, even if the defense is unnecessary. Our pride gets in the way today, and when it comes to love, we simply don’t want to hear what our partners have to say.

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