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Astrology of Chiron & Your Relationships

For some, Chiron can have a strong influence on your relationships via your natal chart. This can be the case if you have:

– Chiron in the 5th house (ruling love) or 7th house (ruling relationships)
– Chiron conjunct (aligned with) natal Venus (planetary ruler of relationships) or the 5th or 7th house ruler

– Chiron conjunct the 1st house cusp/Ascendant (the 1st house cusp/Ascendant is on an axis with the 7th house cusp/Descendant so Chiron would be directly opposing)

When natal Chiron has a strong influence on your relationships in your natal chart, you can be someone who experiences major Chiron energy in your relationships. With the 5th house, love has the capacity to both hurt and heal you. In your younger years, it’s likely to hurt, and you may lack boundaries in love which leaves you vulnerable to those who want to take advantage of you. This can lead to lots of heartbreak, and you may feel love is pain.

When it’s healthy and you’re in a good place, love can heal you. Now, you do have to be mindful of looking for others to fix you (or reverse, you fixing others) since it’s not going to work quite like that. It’s more like, love inspires you, to be better, to focus on the good in you, to be brave enough to face the bad, and to recognize your self-worth.

You may fall in love with Chiron-like people, and this can go either way. You may go for lots of wounded birds and try to save them (which again doesn’t work). The better option is to go for those who are already healed, and who have a quiet strength about them as a result. They may be deeply spiritual or intuitive, and can help you strengthen that in yourself.

When natal Chiron is influencing the 7th house, this can be in all relationships, though especially committed relationships and partnerships. You can attract a lot of Chiron-like people, a lot of people who are wounded, helpless, and in need, which makes boundaries very important for you. Manifesting positively, and you can attract a lot of people who are healed, enlightened, and secure with themselves. It often depends on your own boundaries and how healthy they are.

Commitment can be something that hurts or heals. If you commit to the wounded bird, you likely end up quite hurt by that commitment and may shy away from it after that. If you commit to someone enlightened, then that commitment can strengthen you and make your life more fulfilling. 

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