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Horoscopes Feel Grossly Unfair For 3 Zodiac Signs May 22 – 28, 2023, Sun Sextiles Mars

Three zodiac signs will have rough horoscopes this week, and that may be unfair, considering we’ve just entered Gemini season. We aren’t particularly ready for this kind of angry ‘take over’ thanks to Mars entering Leo. While the many Mars transits that will bombard us this week, May 22- 28, 2023, are not full-on negative, there’s enough negative energy at play here to make us wish we could disappear until it works itself out.

While our first Mars transit, Sun sextile Mars, can definitely work to help us out where our jobs are concerned, the brunt of the Mars energy this week, thanks to Mars square Jupiter, Moon conjunct Mars and Mars square Node, will revolve around flared tempers and overwrought emotions.

That Node energy is put into play in such a way that we will be able to see the reasons why we feel so hostile, and we’ll be able to make sense of our temperamental feelings. However, that’s not going to halt these feelings from coming out. We will be able to pinpoint why we feel so aggressive, but we won’t be able to control how we express them, and that’s more than likely the reason three signs of the zodiac will have a pretty rough week. It’s about the emotional ‘ouchies’ we will feel … and inflict.

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Because we’re now in the first week of Gemini, we may also find that we’re applying so much of the hostile Mars energy into things like decision-making, meaning we will make mistakes and act on impulse. NOT GOOD. There’s too much frantic, frenetic energy going on, and for these three zodiac signs, the idea of taking our time to think things out is just not happening. Not this week, not on Mars’ watch, that’s for sure.

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