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May 19, 2023 Are Extra Frustrating For 3 Zodiac Signs, Mercury Sextiles Saturn

Three zodiac signs will have rough horoscopes on May 19, 2023, due to Mercury sextile Saturn. If you’ve ever wanted to break free, to just … take that chance and express yourself, forfeiting any fear of consequence, today will be the day you feel this way.

However, just because you finally get up the nerve to run wild and free does not mean you’ll be able to, nor will you feel freedom, expression or release. May 19, joins three signs of the zodiac and the inspiration to go wild together while the opportunity to actually do it shuts down right before our eyes. In other words, we are all dressed up with no place to go today, mainly because one of our biggest cosmic influences is the transit of Mercury sextile Saturn.

Mercury, the planet of communication, stimulates our need to express ourselves. Saturn brings in the discipline, the law and the rules … between the two of the planets when in sextile formation, creating tension … there’s too much of a need to ‘say what we want to say,’ and it comes up against the idea that we just can’t do it that way. An inner conflict happens today, and it feels like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. We want to break free, and yet, we stop ourselves because we fear if we really, really ‘go for it,’ we’ll end up in worse shape than we are now.

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What makes our day feel so NOPE is all about frustration and that ragged feeling of blowing our chance to do something we had our heart set on. We ran everything through a filter of confusion on May 19. Mercury sextile Saturn is the ultimate tease, and for these three signs of the zodiac, the teaser shows us everything we cannot have and will not even try for, simply because inhibition overrules creative expression.

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