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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Most Challenging Horoscopes On May 20 When Mars

On May 20, 2023, three zodiac signs will have rough horoscopes due to Mars opposite Pluto. We’re looking at how many of our hard-earned results could be in danger on this day, and what that really means is that if we believe in something, we may see that belief challenged to the point where we, ourselves, may have to give up and walk away.

There are forces at work here today that will only be content when we fail, and we may have to fail just to get the day over and done with. During Mars opposite Pluto, we are battling an enemy that wants us to fail more than it wants anything else, and our desire to win or rise will be crushed beneath its power.

This will probably have something to do with our work environment, career choices, and situations. It’s a very ‘business only’ kind of transit, and what could possibly happen on this day is that someone comes in and disrupts everything we stand for.

We work hard, and we are praised for our great work and contribution … but these ‘other forces’ are at play, and they may come in the form of … another company, or a take-over … or some kind of new rule that must be enforced and adhered to … or else. The ‘or else’ part will sting today, as many of us do not appreciate being threatened at work, especially by a newcomer who suddenly takes over.

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It’s an ego war, for sure. That happens sometimes; a new presence arrives at the job, and because they want to impress, they rearrange everything so that those who are used to the ‘old way’ are now in chaos. Chaos is big with Mars opposite Pluto, and these three zodiac signs can expect chaos to ring throughout their day.

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