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When Is Gemini Season? Dates And Effects On Each Zodiac Sign

In astrology, Gemini is one of those planetary influences that affects everybody. And sometimes, it’s a bit of an aggravating influence, at that.

When is Gemini season?

Following Taurus season, Gemini season starts on May 21st and ends on June 20th.

It’s a time for us all to make the right moves — to watch what we do and to make sure that we do the right thing, as it seems so easy to do the wrong thing these days. Expect changes with Sun in Gemini, that’s for sure. Expect a positive turnaround as well, and that means staying open and positive so you can recognize a good thing when it’s staring you right in the face. For all of the zodiac signs, expect creative thinking. This will be our big month for thinking outside the box, so be original and let the better sides of our nature rise to the top.

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Gemini can work both ways on us: it can take us down and make us all feel melancholy and depressed, or we can choose clarity, positivity and hope. Let’s choose hope, and let’s act on that decision!

How Gemini season affects each zodiac sign


You might be surprised at how logical your thinking will be this month, Aries. You’ll shock yourself at how you’re able to follow through with plans and make new ones that make sense. Gemini’s influence on you will give you the ability to talk through any situation. You’ll be listened to and you’ll have a good effect on those you offer advice to. Whereas sometimes you’re a bit heavy-handed and pushy, Gemini will bring about a lighter touch in you, and people will appreciate this.

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