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May 22, 2023 Horoscopes Are A Bit Distracting For 3 Zodiac Signs, Moon Trine Saturn

That’s what many of us will either be overhearing or saying to ourselves on this day, as May 22, 2023, brings three zodiac signs rough horoscopes on Monday. Thus is the distraction of Moon trine Saturn, which tends to upset things by making us question our surroundings. OK, confused enough? It works like this. Moon trine Saturn brings out in us a need for security.

We want to know things are in order, that the plan will work, and that all we’ve put together will last, whether it’s our work situation, love life or home stability. While none of these things are actually being threatened, three signs of the zodiac will feel more concerned about the ten zillion ‘what if’s’ than with the reality that all is still going well and according to plan.

In other words, during Moon trine Saturn, we are too stuck in our paranoid minds that we deserve to be. We may find that we imagine hypothetical situations where our lives are somehow destroyed when everything is running smoothly. We can’t focus on the now; we are obsessed with the future, which may be painted bleak in our minds. The tricky part is recognizing that this is a flight of fancy. Nothing is wrong, though. During Moon trine Saturn, we sort of … indulge in negative projection.

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So, what’s rough about today isn’t so much about actual problems but about imagined ones, and that’s not to say those are any easier on the psyche; they aren’t. They aren’t bound for doom, either, so we can take comfort in knowing that whatever troubles today will likely seem like nothing tomorrow. Which zodiac signs are prone to take Moon trine Saturn too seriously?

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