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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Probably Have Rough Horoscopes On May 23

We will once again get taught that when we make mistakes, some of them last a lifetime if we’re not conscious of what we’re doing when we make them. Today is all about making mistakes and insisting that we are right. We don’t take responsibility for the damage we cause today, and because of foolish pride, we continue with our insistence. 

As a result, three zodiac signs will have rough horoscopes on May 23, during the rough transit of Mars square Jupiter. 

We dig our graves today because we just won’t let go. We are the proverbial ‘dog with a bone.’ Once we sink our teeth in, there’s no turning back; we are not letting go of this mistake, nah.

During Mars square Jupiter, we fight for all the wrong things. We get it into our heads that what we need is more important than anything else, and because we’re dealing with Mars energy magnified by Jupiter’s influence in a SQUARE formation, what we have is a grand drama. For the three zodiac signs, that drama will be a major production number that will be remembered for a long time.

That’s the kicker with today’s zodiac signs … we don’t just make mistakes; we make huge errors that will affect other people, not just ourselves, and because we branch out into the lives of others, we may be seriously resented for our actions.

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Is it time to take a step back? Well, hell yeah, but will we? That would be a rousing NO, because when Mars square Jupiter is in town, we don’t know the meaning of ‘no.’ We only know that we have an agenda that will be fulfilled. Take no prisoners, tell no lies, whatever … harsh times are going down today, and these three zodiac signs are at the helm. Beam us out of here, Captain!

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