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Sun – Mars – Jupiter Trailblazing, the Venus – Uranus Kind of Love & the Idyll of Greek Island Astrology

The Astrology Blog 22 May 2023

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Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

Sherlock Holmes – created by Arthur Conan Doyle, b 22 May 1859 – Sun, Uranus, Mars, Ascendant & Jupiter in Gemini


“Everyone knew it was impossible, until a fool who didn’t know came along and did it.”

Albert Einstein


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The content of the blog focuses on astrological interpretation and also prediction, in terms of the kind of things to expect when particular planets or patterns are at work. It also includes commentary on the psychotherapeutic benefits of using astrology as a frame of reference, for the individual and the collective.


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Just wanted to start by saying that a lot of people have said how tricky this last retrograde phase was and I couldn’t agree more. Mercury turned direct a week ago (15 May at 5.52 Taurus) but it’s as if the effects linger on longer than usual ….

We have another 9 days to go before Mercury comes “out of shadow” – the moment when he returns to the exact position at which he originally turned retrograde, 15.36 Taurus. And you may remember that I’ve been talking about the importance of these degrees this year as these are also going to be Jupiter’s turning points (retrograde at 15 Taurus 4 Sept, direct at 5 Taurus 31 Dec), and the two Lunar Eclipses of 2023 are also on or opposite these degrees (5 May 15 Scorpio, 28 Oct 5 Taurus).

I had an email from a reader who recounted to me just ONE day of events in her life during Mercury’s retrograde phase and it made for head spinning reading, including costly parking fines, computer problems, a printer that refused to work until midnight and her son stuck for hours on a motorway after a serious car accident stopped traffic. Given that the textbook interpretation of a retrograde Mercury is “problems with transport and communication” these fit the bill!

I wrote back this morning. The email bounced back. I tried creating a new email instead of replying to hers. It bounced back. So Shirley that is why you haven’t received a reply! The reason for the bounce back is one I haven’t seen for years – The recipient’s mailbox is full and can’t accept messages now. Please try resending your message later, or contact the recipient directly.

Shirley if you have a tel number for WhatsApp do send it so that I can answer on that!

In terms of the way ahead with Mercury I’m beginning to think that a lot of things aren’t going to get fully resolved or properly started until he arrives in his own sign of Gemini which will be 11 June. Interestingly that is the same date that Pluto slides back into Capricorn (and won’t get back to 0 degrees Aquarius until 21 January next year). So definitely a date to watch.

So Mercury trudges on through Taurus but the Sun has arrived in Gemini and here’s some of the lowdown on this sign. Note how consecutive signs work as opposites – Taurus is Fixed Earth, slow, sensual, likes familiarity, while Gemini is Mutable Air, quick, talkative and likes variety.



Ruling planet: Mercury

Symbol: The Twins

Element and Mode: Mutable Air

Key Phrase: I speak

So we’re now into the Gemini time of year with the Sun entering this sign yesterday morning (Sunday 21 May 08.10 BST). For a flavour of this sign here’s an excerpt from Be Your Own Astrologer which is being relaunched in July with the new title of Essential Astrology – which rather neatly fits our theme of doubles for the sign of The Twins!

Gemini’s archetype is the “puer eternus”, the eternal youth. In physical terms they tend to look younger than their years, naturally or through artifice but very often it’s the former. Their approach is light and playful, sometimes irreverent as they refuse to take life or authority too seriously. Their sense of fun shows in a quick wit, a slapstick sense of humour and a childlike enthusiasm for games, ideas and suggestions. A typical Gemini is up for anything if it promises to be a laugh. They thrive on company and conversation and, with their butterfly minds, they can flit from subject to subject, rarely lost for words.

The sign of the Twins has a Jekyll and Hyde reputation that is unjustified and misleading. Just because they can be changeable doesn’t mean that they have a split personality. Think multifaceted rather than two faced, and look for the “doubling up” twin symbolism, such as two jobs, two cars, two dogs, two marriages, and an inability to buy or own just one of anything.

Love & Relationships

Geminis may at first be attracted to the person who listens to them but having someone hang on their every word is not their idea of a relationship. Love talk, or any kind of talk, for a Gemini is most definitely a dialogue not a monologue. This sign needs a meeting of minds, someone to play verbal volleyball with, someone who challenges them, makes them think and laugh, someone who will work and play with them but who always hold their attention and who understands their complexities.

Commitment is not always easy for a Gemini as they are such free spirits. The moment that they sense any danger of being cornered they simply slide away so a long string of affairs until they meet “the one” is not unusual. However, it is also in their nature to “go along” with things so the other typical scenario is to make an early first marriage that they then quickly grow out of, unless the relationship itself is one that evolves with them. Usually, a second later marriage is more successful. They are secretly sentimental under that sometimes glib exterior and can blossom with the emotional stability of the right partner.

Textbook Geminis

The seemingly ageless Paul McCartney, one of the most prolific songwriters and performers of all time, with sales of over 100 million albums and 100 million singles, with the Beatles and as a solo artist, three marriages and five children.

The irreverent Joan Rivers who wore the multiple hats of TV personality, actress, comedian, author and playwright, whose works included self help, humour, fiction and autobiographies Enter Talking and Still Talking. She died as a result of complications during surgery on her vocal chords.

And to add, the choice for one of this week’s quotes – Arthur Conan Doyle had four planets in Gemini, a Sun – Uranus conjunction and then Mars and Jupiter both conjunct his Gemini Ascendant. He was a prolific writer, best known for his creation of Sherlock Holmes – his chart ruler Mercury is conjunct Pluto which is brilliant for the creation of a literary sleuth. He had two professions, being a writer and a physician, and he had two marriages, staying faithful to his first wife until her death before marrying the woman he had already been in love with for years. He had five children in total from both marriages.



The Gemini Sun immediately aligns with Mars – Jupiter as these two planets are also starting their new journeys (Mars ingress Leo Saturday 20th, Jupiter ingress Taurus Tuesday 16th) and then ends the week with the much tougher square to Saturn. All of this Solar activity is wrapped around the one other feature of the week which is the Venus – Uranus link –

Monday 22 May

  • Sun 1 Gemini sextile Mars 1 Leo 06.58
  • Sun 1 Gemini semi-sextile Jupiter 1 Taurus 17.57

Tuesday 23 May

  • Mars 1 Leo square Jupiter 1 Taurus 06.14

Friday 26 May

  • Venus 20 Cancer sextile Uranus 20 Taurus 08.37

Sunday 28 May 

  • Sun 6 Gemini square Saturn 6 Pisces 11.47



This is a dynamic triple act with all three being linked to a fiery nature through their connections to the three fire signs –

  • Sun dignified in Leo, exalted in Aries
  • Mars dignified in Aries
  • Jupiter dignified in Sagittarius

Today (Monday) the Sun aligned with Mars early this morning and will then make the minor aspect of the semi-sextile (exactly 1 sign apart) to Jupiter this evening, lighting up the square in the making between these two that will be exact tomorrow morning.  As I write this lineup is being embodied in my garden with Chris Mitchell (Mars is men, Chris has a Leo Ascendant) teaching (Jupiter, planet of the higher mind, abroad, and again Chris, he’s a Sun Pisces one of Jupiter’s signs,) a group of students here on a study holiday (Sun – Jupiter).

The first morning was brilliant, Chris disappeared into my spare room to emerge five minutes later in full Medieval Astrologer regalia, as pictured, which got the course off to a burst of applause and a racing start. There’s a thespian in every Piscean and also this is the kind of thing that a Leo rising individual pulls off so well. Leo Ascendant people often have a way of announcing themselves or connecting with an audience. And btw yes I did ask his permission to quote his horoscope!

Class finishes at 3pm and then we reconvene later at a beach taverna for dinner. Learning can be hungry work and that has been another showing of Jupiter in Taurus – earth sign (beach) that rules produce and food, a Venus ruled sign so especially of the satisfying kind! It’s true to say that the standard and choice of food and wine in Nidri has been going up steadily over the years, no comparison to what it was like when I first arrived here 27 years ago. Everyone has loved the group meals in the evenings and I’ve even heard comments like, this is amongst the best food I’ve ever tasted.

Back to a basic astrological guideline, if you have natal configurations that match or reflect current ones then these are likely to be significant for you, regardless of the signs. For example, looking at your own chart, are Mars – Jupiter in aspect to each other? In my chart they oppose each other across the horizon of my Asc – Desc, so the current aspect reflects that I’m “full on” busy.

Mars – Jupiter combinations can be reckless or prone to overdoing things but they can also indicate a warrior spirit. The second quote of the week captures that, and Einstein himself had his Mars semi-sextile Jupiter and both in aspect to Pluto. I remember when I was told that it would be “impossible” to rescue my dog Lola, discovered on a chain on another island at the beginning of lockdown three years ago, as there was a lot of confusion over her ownership and there were no passenger ferries running. This just made me even more determined to find a way and, by enlisting the right help, I did.

So I think the bottom line message here is to identify what is most important to you at the moment and then pour your energy into it. This is not a time for passivity or for being over cautious. This triple act has an entrepreneurial flavour so, for example, if you want to get a business idea up and running then go for it. If you want to broaden your horizons in any sense, go for it.

It’s also important to enlist the right kind of help. When I was a carer I learned not to ask the dog walkers to cook a meal or the cooks to walk the dogs. Find people’s likes and strengths. But wherever you need support we have the duality of Gemini indicating another pair of hands and that two heads are better than one, and if we think of the planets not just as “what is this planet?” but also as “who is this planet?” then there are at least two or three others (Sun, Mars, Jupiter) that could make things happen a lot more quickly than they otherwise would. In other words, partnerships and teamwork are getting huge ticks.

On a more sober note squares to Jupiter can reveal the “over the top” qualities – all the “ex” words of excess, exaggeration, exorbitant, exhaustion, to name a few. The combo with the Sun and Mars is a recipe for burning the candle at both ends, great if you have the energy but as we’re looking at a super fiery picture we also have to be aware of burnout, especially as the Sun is going to square up to Saturn at the end of the week. I’ve definitely been aware of the need to pace myself this week with the beginning of Summer School. Also be aware that Mars loves to race ahead and blaze a trail, great for business, but kill your speed when driving.


Back to the point about health, it’s a top subject when the Sun and Saturn come together, even by good aspect but especially by square. The two are a total mismatch as Saturn is the enemy of the Lights, also known as the Luminaries, as illustrated by the fact that where the Moon and the Sun are strong by sign Saturn is weak, and vice versa –




So if you have a health issue of your own – top Saturn issues btw are teeth and bones, especially the knees – or if you’re in the role of carer then this aspect can signal a possible crisis point or just a low day. And at a universal level the Sun – Saturn combination can be things like frustration, cancellations, disappointments, setbacks, reality checks and other such joys! Be aware of your limitations and don’t try to force anything that isn’t going to plan. Not worth the effort. There’ll be enough people making hard work and heavy weather of things without adding to it.


One other aspect this week is the harmonious sextile between Venus and Uranus. Interestingly Venus is in Cancer the Moon’s sign of dignity and Uranus is in Taurus which is Venus’ sign of dignity and the Moon’s sign of exaltation, so this feels like a positive combination. Perfect for Elisabeth Brooke’s week on the Astrology of Families that starts on Thursday, Venus = women, Uranus = groups.

Watch out for the Moon – Venus tonight and tomorrow if you have clear skies –

  • Tuesday 23 May – Moon conjunct Venus 17.02 Cancer 13.46

So putting Venus and Uranus together in other ways here are their job descriptions –

VENUS is Aphrodite, goddess of love. Your Venus sign in your own chart tells you about your relating skills, what you are looking for and how you approach relationships. She is feminine and rules women, all pleasure seeking, lovemaking, beauty, comfort and luxuries, art, music and the fashion industry. She also rules sustenance, everything from food to the money we make in order to live.

URANUS co-ruler of Aquarius/11th House and therefore rules the collective and groups of all kinds. In mythology Uranus is the sky god and he rules all that comes “out of the blue”. He challenges all that Saturn stands for (eg restrictions, hierarchy, tradition, the rules) and his nature is therefore innovative, sudden, unexpected, erratic or explosive. He’s the rug puller, the astrologer’s nightmare, the unpredictable planet and it’s impossible to second guess the shape his visitations will take.

One of the themes that is often obvious however is relationship breakups. Uranus rules splits of all kinds and is the divorce planet. Any relationship already in a tailspin is likely to be right in the line of fire but this particular combo of Venus – Uranus looks good for amicable splits, even though these too are of course painful at the outset.

This can also work the other way around for beginnings of the surprising kind, such as instant attractions or meeting someone in the least expected way. Great for online dating too as Uranus rules technology and the internet. I’ve never done it, am told you have to kiss a lot of frogs, but I do know several couples who met through dating sites and have made a huge success of it. So if you’re single and don’t want to be, why not be brave!

Next week we have Venus trine Neptune, her last aspect before changing sign and moving into Leo at the beginning of the following week, 5 June. This will be an important ingress as Venus is going to be retrograde in this sign from 23 July to 4 September, which all adds up to Venus going backwards and forwards in Leo until 9 October, 4 months in total instead of the usual 1 month. Next week will end with Mercury conjunct Uranus on the same day as the Sagittarius Full Moon so there’s a lot in the melting pot!

Until next week,

With love from Greece



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