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3 Zodiac Signs Have A Rough Day On May 25 To Prepare For Some Serious Good Luck

Today, three zodiac signs have rough horoscopes on May 25, 2023, due to Mars square Node creating havoc in their lives. Ever heard of ‘tough love’? Well, that’s basically Mars square Node in a nutshell. There’s much to gain from this transit, but we must endure the pain to achieve it. No pain, no gain. That’s our buddy ‘Mars square Node.’

This energy affects how we process hardship. We aren’t promised a hard day, but we do need to go over something that holds power over us to get past it.

Today is for healing an old wound that we keep trying to push the background, yet it still comes around to create havoc in our lives. We are so used to this old wound that we identify with it as if it’s what makes us who we are. When we think like that, we succumb to the negativity; we are magnetized by it, which keeps us back.

On May 25, we have the rare opportunity to engage with this meaningful transit of Mars square Node, as it shows us that we really don’t have to carry around the weight of the past, and should we be brave enough to rid ourselves of this excess baggage, we will live to see a bright new day.

Certain zodiac signs want to heal, and others would rather not look that closely into their history. Today brings the courage it takes to do the deep diving we need to heal, which means this kind of energy is only available to the three zodiac signs brave enough to ‘go there.’ These three zodiac signs are ready to take on the difficult issues of their lives so that they can finally live as free people.

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