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Astrology by Lisa Stardust

The week ahead is full of positivity. Venus in Cancer connects with Uranus in Taurus on May 26, adding adventure and excitement to matters of the heart. Later in the day, Mars in Leo squares the Nodes of Destiny, making the overall vibe sassy and fun. May 27’s First Quarter Moon in Virgo allows us to bring fresh energy into our lives. The Gemini Sun shares a fraught aspect with Saturn in Pisces on May 28, making us overly critical of ourselves. Embrace your amazing traits and characteristics. Be confident and bold.


Witchtip: Under the First Quarter Moon on May 27, down things that you want to expel and bring in. Then, light a white candle on your altar to promote healing, cleansing, and intention setting. After the candle is lit, read the list out loud and take a big exhale as cite the sentiments that you’re wanting to get rid of, and inhale the energy that you wish to add to your life.



Talking out your frustrations with a close friend or confidant will give you a whole new perspective on situations. As long as you are honest and upfront about what’s going on and your part in things, you’ll be able to problem solve such matters swiftly with their help and guidance.  



Although you’re wanting to move forward at top speed, this isn’t the time for you to elevate your ambitions. Rather, a moment of reflection and clarity to understand how you can achieve your goals without having any problems down the road. Contemplation is essential in order to attain future aspirations.



As the social butterfly of the zodiac, friendships mean a lot to you. Right now, you’re refining your list and deciding who makes you feel safe and secure instead of worrying about what they think of you. Although your list may get shorter, you’re pulling quality people into your life.  



Work is an escape from everyday problems. While you may be happy constantly burning the midnight oil, you’re missing out on many things that also bring pleasure to you. Remember, it’s important to have balance in life and to have “you” time. Have some fun out of the office, too.



Unexpected obstacles will stand in your way. Instead of trying to make everything perfect, use this as a learning curve and try another avenue. In situations like these, troubleshooting can lead to more inconveniences. It’s best to reboot and figure out another option that can lead you towards your endgame.



In an effort to avoid confrontation, you usually run away from problems. This week is your chance to face them head on. Even though you’re scared to do so, it’ll be cathartic and healing for you. Speaking up and letting your voice be heard will give you immense inner strength.



Be sure to weigh all of your professional options in regards to a job offer or opportunity that doesn’t align with your aspirations. Maybe the offer is something you’ve been wanting for a long time, but the circumstances don’t feel 100% right. Listen to your intuition before making any moves.



You haven’t had enough time to focus on personal matters these days, and now you’re being forced to sit with yourself on a very unique and powerful level to figure out how to proceed. There is an unfolding happening before you, a re-birthing  of sorts that will propel you forward.



Embracing your inner child can help mend your heart. Accepting the parts of yourself that you love can heal the past. Write a love letter to yourself to help in releasing old wounds from youth and to gain self-acceptance. You have the power, capacity, and courage to transcend and grow.



Owning your past mistakes takes a lot of guts. If you feel as though you have wronged someone in the past or made a bad decision, it’s never too late to augment matters and do the right thing — as long as you’re coming from a sincere and genuine place.



Your closest loved ones can help you get out of a self-imposed rut if you let them. There are a ton of people who want to see you thrive, you just have to let them in and allow them to be of service to you. Everyone is on your side.



Take a long, hard look in the mirror and note your fabulousness. The more TLC you give to yourself, the better you’ll feel. Make sure that you state positive affirmations to yourself twice a day to ensure that you know your worth — which is extremely high and beyond amazing.

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