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your forecast may 26th…

A warm hello.

The Moon, starting off in Leo with the planet Mars, will bring a surge of energy and a little stress to get something done!

The Moon then travels out here on its own, forming all kinds of aspects – we’ll need to avoid a tendency to fragment our attention and efforts.

Saturn linking with the Sun, Venus and Mars will draw a sense of responsibility to the fore – you’ll need to take over, plan ahead or follow through with an important matter, task or commitment.

A beautiful grand trine when the Moon reaches Libra, with Pluto in Aquarius and Sun in Gemini will bring a special highlight or achievement.

One more thing, a heads up that I will be posting the moon cycle dates for cutting your hair on Monday – these dates are to encourage hair growth and condition.   The following Monday, I will post the barren moon dates for waxing and shaving.

Now for the next 7 days:

   The Moon with Mars in Leo here promises a fun outing, activity or encounter; it will take a spontaneous, enthusiastic effort to make the most of this.   Dealing with a problem or task that takes you off at tangents will test your resourcefulness; zero in on what is most important, to pull it together.   A slow-moving commitment or long-term goal may be proving an endurance test; it’s time to stay focused and carry on!   A meaningful exchange or special plans with a loved one will be an emotional highlight.
TAURUS.   The Moon with Mars in Leo will spark a surge of action with a domestic or family project; alternatively, extra family engagement or a domestic task that’s quite hard work will stretch your resources.   Keep tabs on spontaneous spending in the days ahead – money could flow out fast whilst you’re having fun or getting out and about!   Keeping a promise to a friend or associate will take a conscientious effort.   A special achievement on the job will do you proud.
GEMINI.   Here are the Moon and Mars – travelling extra distances will keep you on the go and test your patience.   Unexpected happenings at home or with the family will keep you on your toes; keep your cool so you don’t get flustered.   A hefty personal or professional commitment will be a huge task; it will be up to you to lead the way.   A special invitation or caring gesture from another will be a joy for the heart.
CANCER.   With this Moon/Mars energy, there’ll be a pressing financial matter to tackle or sudden extra expenses.   An overdue conversation will be a chance to broach an issue with another that’s been bothering you; it will take clear focused communication to clear the air.   Adjusting to a new environment or fitting in with a new group of people will be a learning experience.   A new household possession will add to your home comforts and a long-awaited get-together will be a joy.
LEO.   The Moon and Mars are in your Zodiac Sign: there’ll be a personal or professional meeting that’s important to you; you’ll be keen to build fences, build a new relationship or take a stand on something you believe in.   Curb the tendency to spend impulsively or money could flow out every-which-way!   A financial matter or commitment may be hard work; it will take clear vision and a sustained effort to manage it well.   A heart-to-heart with someone dear will answer a nagging question; it’ll be a fresh start!
VIRGO.   Here is the Moon/Mars energy: a niggling irritation with another could simmer; keep your cool to avoid a clash.   Juggling too many things at once in the days ahead will make it hard to get anything finished; prioritise thoughtfully, to stay on top.   A wearing situation or duty with a loved one, or a changing relationship, will require patience; time will put this in perspective.    A financial boost or special new possession will put a smile on your face.
LIBRA.   With the Moon and Mars here – a fun activity or occasion will be a joy but a bit of a juggle to squeeze into the schedule!   Complications with a challenging issue or plan may be confusing; focus on the end result, it will help you find the way forward.   A big personal or professional responsibility will be wearing but it will be meaningful; you’ll be proving your salt!   An exciting encounter or invitation will lift your heart to happy heights!
SCORPIO.   Here are the Moon and Mars: an urgent request or a pressing work or personal task will demand a super effort; PR efforts will be essential for this to flow smoothly.   As you cultivate new contacts and extend your circle of associates, there’ll be a tendency to try to be all things to all people; sometimes you might feel that you lose yourself along the way.   Responsibilities to some loved ones will require careful organisation; you’ll be in these for the long haul.   The answer to a financial question will put your mind to rest.
SAGITTARIUS.   This Moon/Mars energy could spark travel plans, you’ll go further afield or you’ll enjoy a change of scene and exploring a new environment.   Sudden requests may interrupt your plans; you’ll need to do some quick rearrangements.   A family commitment or domestic undertaking could grow subtly; keep a clear overview, to keep it manageable.   A hoped-for encounter or opportunity to help another will be rewarding emotionally.
CAPRICORN.   The Moon and Mars in Leo indicates an inconvenient expense or annoying financial issue but also a surge of progress with an important financial undertaking.   Getting out and about to new or different places may disrupt your plans but it’ll bring unusual discoveries and new experiences.   A slow-moving project will require sustained vision and strong follow through; keeping the end goal in sight will help you make good decisions.   A personal achievement will be a special breakthrough for you.
AQUARIUS.   Here are the Moon and Mars: you’ll pour a lot of energy into special plans with a loved one, it may prove quite stressful; there may be a few prickly vibes to ease too.   Keep tabs on spontaneous spending or outlays here and there could take funds out in all directions.   Also, keep a clear overview with a big financial commitment, your budget, an expensive undertaking or purchases, will give you some much-needed control.   An unusual outing or experience will whet your appetite for more.
PISCES.   The Moon with Mars in Leo denotes a strenuous physical task will push you to the max; alternatively, a health, diet or fitness goal will ask a lot of you.   Trying hard to please someone or to please too many people could be wearing; take care you don’t lose sight of your overall goal!   Taking greater charge of a task or undertaking that you’ve been leaving to someone else will help you to steer it in a positive direction.   A good deal or stroke of good fortune financially will give you a lift.

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