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Astrology of Neptune & Your Home Life


​Neptune is the planet of spirituality, illusion, imagination, fantasy, and delusion in astrology. When impacting your home and family life, this energy is brought to matters of the home and family.

How Natal Neptune Impacts Your Home & Family Life

For some, Neptune can have a strong influence on your home and family life via your natal chart. This can be the case if you have:

– Neptune in the 4th house (ruling the home and family; note that family can mean actual relations as well as those you think of as family)
– Pisces 4th house/Imum Coeli (so Neptune rules the 4th house) or 4th house ruler
– Neptune conjunct (aligned with) the natal Moon (planetary ruler of the home & family) or the 4h house ruler
– Neptune conjunct the 10th house cusp/Midheaven (the 10th house cusp/Midheaven is on an axis with the 4th house cusp/Imum Coeli so Neptune would be directly opposing)

When natal Neptune has a strong influence on your home and family life in your natal chart, you can be someone who experiences massive Neptune energy with the home and family. This can mean that your home and family life is something that may feel difficult to describe and define, and even difficult to get a hold of, especially when you’re young.

In your younger years, there may have been something that was missing from your home and family life, something just out of reach. Often, there was a death of a close relative, or abandonment of one or both parents. This may have led to feelings of isolation, and being misunderstood, though likely instead of actually being misunderstood, you clammed up and weren’t really open at all with your feelings and experiences.

In healthy upbringings, Neptune can show deeply spiritual ties to your family, those you think of as family, to your home, and to the places you’ve lived. You may have had an unspoken bond, and spirituality itself may have been an important part of your life. 

Neptune and the 4th house can also show a nomadic life, bohemian lifestyle, going from this place to that place, and surrounded by free spirits. This may lead you to be a free spirit with your home and family life as an adult, and you may not feel tied down to any one person or place.

Neptune is also deeply creative as ruler of imagination, fantasy, and the arts, so this may have also factored into your upbringing. You may have gotten lost in daydreams pretty easily, and your family may have been artistic types. 

How Transit Neptune Impacts Your Home & Family Life

Transit (moving) Neptune can also bring strong Neptune energy to your home and family life, but this is temporary (whereas with natal Neptune, it’s your entire life). With transit Neptune, it’s only going to be for the period of time the transit is in effect, but Neptune doesn’t move that fast, so it can last for a long time.

Transit Neptune can influence your home and family life when it’s:
– in your natal 4th house
– aspecting your natal 4th house cusp/Imum Coeli, natal 4th house ruler, or natal Moon

Transit Neptune touring your natal 4th house can be similar to natal Neptune in the 4th house, and lasts for usually 8-12 years. The energy of Neptune in transit is to dissolve, so Nepune touring the 4th house may dissolve some connection with a relative in some way, or dissolve a connection to your home, living situation, or with your community in some way. Neptune likes to make things fade away instead of a tumultuous ending (unlike Uranus and Pluto), so this can occur gradually, and may be long in the making, so it’s not necessarily unexpected or chaotic.

Transit Neptune in the 4th house can be helpful for the spiritual connections with family, those you think of as family, and your home life and environment. You may feel called to live in certain places or around certain people. You can be much more nurturing and compassionate emotionally, and can extend help to many.

Neptune is also a water ruler, and I know when transit Neptune was in my 4th house, I constantly lived near water, on water, or on streets that literally had a body of water in the name. A little quirk!

When it comes to transit Neptune aspects, these last for several months over a couple of years. Beneficial aspects (sextiles and trines) can help you deepen spiritual connections, and you can feel more inspired at home, find more comfort with family, and this can happen subconsciously and without effort.

Challenging aspects (conjunctions, squares, and oppositions) can create the dissolving as mentioned, but not necessarily in a super traumatic way. You may not even be fully aware of what’s happening until it’s over. It becomes important to work on boundaries under hard Neptune aspects, and this would be boundaries at home or with family when Neptune is influencing this part of your life.

Will Neptune in Pisces Impact My Home & Family Life?

Neptune is currently in Pisces, and has been for some time, and is nearing the end in a few years, so many have already been impacted by Neptune in Pisces when it comes to your home and family life. This can include you if you have:

– natal 4th house/Imum Coeli in Pisces (Neptune will transit)
– natal 4th house ruler or natal Moon in Pisces (Neptune will conjunct)
– natal 4th house cusp/Imum Coeli or natal 4th house ruler or natal Moon in Gemini, Virgo, or Sagittarius (Neptune will square or oppose)

These are the challenging positions for Neptune in Pisces, so if you’re currently experiencing this or have yet to, you may need to work on grounding yourself to reality so you can get a better handle on what’s happening and see it. Also work through karmic and spiritual and subconscious issues related to the home and family, and work on releasing. And remember that boundaries are important and need to be held.

If any of these positions are instead in Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, or Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces will make beneficial aspects, and you can get helpful energy for quietly maintaining peace and stability at home and with family.

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