You are currently viewing Full Moon Ahead, Astrology for May 28th-June 3rd, 2023

Full Moon Ahead, Astrology for May 28th-June 3rd, 2023

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Sunday, May 28th ~ Virgo Moon aligns with both Venus and Uranus. The Sun is square to Saturn. Emotional overtones drive our commitments and decisions. Relationships and partnerships receive harmonious yet unpredictable aspects from Uranus and the Moon. Be open to welcome surprises. Things may take some time to adjust. Take commitments seriously and try not to evade a promise or plan. Today’s color is Pink.

Monday ~Virgo Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces in the 5 am hour, ET zone. The Moon then moves void until 10:51 am ET. This morning is best left lightly scheduled and free of expecations. Flexibility is called for. Disappointments result from some not following through or being present. Libra Moon in harmony with both Pluto retrograde and with Mars. Partnerships and love, as well as good physical chemistry, are in the spotlight. Attractions are strong and may be ready to act on. Be aware of the shadow side of relationships and sex as well. Today’s color is Lavender.

Tuesday ~ Libra Moon in harmony with Gemini Sun encourages friendships, colleagial relationships, sharing of ideas and plans with those who can support you, and other social interactions. Wear Blue.

Wednesday ~ Family or romantic relationships may experience tension as the Moon squares Venus in Cancer. Work through something together and practice impartiality or patience. Libra to Scorpio Moon 7:45 pm ET.  The Moon squares Pluto in Aquarius which could create urgency, overthinking or simply offer time to reflect. Today’s color is Black.

Thursday ~ Full Moon approaches, and it’ll be in Sagittarius. Today the Moon is in Scorpio with aspects to Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. It’s a mix of influences and may feel like push/pull or could trigger anger or another strong feeling. Breathe deep either to pause before action or to prevent overreaction. Indigo Blue is our color.

Friday ~ Scorpio Moon with two strong oppositions, and that may describe a tendency. Stuck points may be difficult to break through. Mercury opposite the Moon indicates the power of words to harm or heal. Uranus opposes the Moon and the phrase “I didn’t see that coming” comes to mind. Your own feelings may surprise you. The Moon is just about Full. Today’s color is Black. (yes, again)

Saturday ~ Scorpio to Sagittarius Moon at 1:03 am ET, and a Full Moon exact at 11:40 pm ET. Today appears active, adventurous and may have elements of quickness and acceleration. Energy is at a peak as Mars in Leo and Pluto in Aquarius fuel the Sagittarius Moon in the element of fire. Amplifying, uprising, and excitement characterize today’s aspects. Wear White.

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