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Jupiter conjunct North Node in Taurus 2023 — Astrology By Lauren

The roots of all living things are tied together. When a mighty tree is felled, a star falls from the sky. When the great trees are cut down, the rain ends and forest turns to weed and grass. . .  There is too much cold in the world now, and it has worked its way into the hearts of all living creatures and down into the roots of the grass and the trees. ~ Chan K’in Viejo

On June 1st, Jupiter will make a conjunction to the True Node of the Moon. The Nodes are not actual bodies, but are the places where the Sun, Moon and Earth will intersect allowing for our annual eclipses. They gradually move backwards through the zodiac, drawing us to consider the fate of mankind in the process. These are our evolutionary guides. When planets align with the Nodes of the Moon they can describe trends, values and events that can and will have far-reaching effects. 

Taurus is a sign of the Earth. The most earthy of the earth signs. When the North Node is in Taurus we are reminded not to waste or take for granted, the unfailing supply of our own life’s resources. Jupiter aims to reset our standards, to open up our awareness to the potential of this great sign as a remedy for the vast litany of sins we have accumulated in decades past. Pluto and Mars, rulers of the South Node in Scorpio, harsh, resistant and sometimes brutal stand at the bending of the Nodes creating a Grand Cross in the fixed signs. And within that matrix, Jupiter stands as our savior, our guide, our teacher. 

Jupiter has come here to remind us that the abundance of the natural world can be ours if we learn how to coexist responsibly and in harmony with our Great Mother the Earth. Taurus is also a sign of money and finance. That which sustains us. Jupiter is a planet of abundance, it makes things grow. Which can be a lucky window for us to plant seeds of prosperity. Jupiter grows all things though. It can bring positive trends, but it can also exaggerate the negative. One of the ways it does that is with an over-optimism that oversteps its bounds. The last time Jupiter was conjunct the North Node in Taurus was in May of 1929, just 5 months before the stock market crashed. 

Under Jupiter’s influence the stock market soared in a bull market never quite seen before. Beginning with Hoover’s election in January 1929, everyone jumped on the band wagon in an investment frenzy. The markets were soaring, and everyone wanted to make a killing. But by the time Jupiter slowed for its retrograde station in late September, the market was already dropping, and then just shortly after Jupiter’s station  in October it crashed. Jupiter can be bountiful. It can also be really tricky. It gets us by appealing to our own greed and overconfidence. 

Pluto and Mars are also square the Nodes this month, unleashing the karmic ramifications of our actions, and reminding us that what we do has consequences. Complex and unseeing, the effects of actions committed in the past will worm its way through our lives. And we can’t always see the total effects of what we do and say. At the same time what we seed today, will have its own consequences in the future. Therefore why not engulf the world in kindness? Why not spew righteous actions and conscientious choices? Mars and Pluto can also be powerful allies. And through the courage of our convictions, and the will of the righteous, there is no telling what we can accomplish with their help. 

Pluto square Jupiter has been trying to show us what we have outgrown, and what is no longer relevant for who we are now. We hold on to old out-dated ideas of who we think we are, and carry that around with us like some too-small worn out shoes that no longer fit or do the job they were intended to do. It’s time to cobble together some new and better shoes. Humanity has and continues to evolve, and it’s carrying the rest of us along for the ride. 

Pay attention to what comes through this week. Making new connections? Pay attention. Feeling inexorably drawn in a certain direction? Wanting to learn more about a subject? Being called to do the right thing? For even as we are being asked to lay to rest old tropes and dialogues, we are also being called to step forward. 

Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value. ~ Albert Einstein

Jupiter can bring overconfidence and a bit of the too-muches. But it is still a really lucky planet rife with potential and hope. Even in the face of extraordinary circumstance. Even in the face of Mars/Pluto power struggles in high places. And as such may we all find fertile soil in which to plant seeds of opportunity so that we may watch them grow. 

To get the most bang out of your buck with Jupiter conjunct the North Node:

  • Focus on your most important priorities first! The things that really matter. 

  • Don’t get too carried away! If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t. 

  • With Jupiter in Taurus it’s more about quality rather than quantity. 

  • Jupiter in Taurus is about long-term sustainability and stability. 

  • If you have to make a choice, lean towards doing the right thing, the honest thing. What is for the good of all concerned.

  • Ask yourself what you want to grow in your life? Then see what you can do to make that a closer reality. 

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