You are currently viewing weekly astrology forecast- week of 5/29-6/4

weekly astrology forecast- week of 5/29-6/4

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I am on retreat through June 25th. I will not be posting in Star Family and I will not be writing the free Weekly Forecasts after this week. I will resume posting in Star Family & posting the Weekly Forecast on Monday June 26th.

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Thank you and have a blessed end of Spring and start to Summer (or Fall/Winter if you live in the Southern Hemisphere).



Monday May 29th-
At 2:50pm Uranus cojoins Vesta at 20’02 Taurus, aligning the Rebel and Revolutionary with the Priestess asteroid Goddess! Uranus/Vesta is amazing for taking our Higher Mind Vision and linking it with the sacred devotion of the Priestess. With both in Taurus we can use this inspirational, spiritual energy in tangible and tactile ways. Taurus is focused on embodiment and BEING HERE NOW (as Ram Dass used to say). It is a radical act to be fully here now, in the body, on this earth. As Philip Shepherd says “Inhabiting your body- reuniting with its intelligence- is one of the most potent political statements you can make.” Vesta with Uranus in Taurus at best can be about the Sacred Devotion to Waking Up in the Body! With all the amazing Taurus Astrology happening right now (Jupiter conjunct North Node particularly) it is highly recommended to be super focused and intentional about what you are devoting yourself to right now. Vesta governs wholeness and integration and the potential for realizing more of both on your healing path is profound right now. We can use the Higher Mind and our visionary and imaginative capacity in powerful ways right now. Use the astrology wisely!


Tuesday May 30th-
There are no major aspects today. The Moon is in balanced and beauty-loving Libra and the only Moon aspect is a trine to the Sun in Gemini at 3:38am EDT. Pay attention to dreams overnight for messages from your Unconscious about themes of balance, beauty, relationship, communication and more.


Wednesday May 31st-
At 6:54am Venus in Cancer squares Eris in Aries- creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. Venus/Eris can bring up all manner of intensity, revelation and upheaval in relationships, finances and/or home/family situations right now. Having healthy outlets for emotion- particularly anger and rage- is key for well being. Being willing to see what is going on in the shadows- within and without- is recommended.

At 2:01pm the Sun in Gemini semisquares Eris in Aries- creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Goddess of discord and chaos! Communication, thinking and perception can be intense, revealing, shocking and more. Positively Eris can help us take a stand for Truth, but shadow Eris can manifest as explosive rage and even violence. Navigate all communications and relationships with consciousness for best results. (Conscious Rage worked with skillfully can positively change the world. Some things are NOT OKAY and healthy rage can motivate us to take a stand in a way that previously we could not find the energy or voice for!)


Thursday June 1st-
At 3:31pm Mars in Leo quincunxes Saturn in Pisces, creating tension between God of Will, Drive and Ego and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. Mars and Saturn are known as the Malefics- and they can bring heavy and karmic energy into the mix. Mars wants what he wants and wants it NOW- and in Leo he can be overly ego-driven in his pursuit of what he wants. Saturn is putting the breaks on Mars’ desires- which can feel frustrating, limiting, restricting and irritating. Leo and Pisces are very different signs- as Leo is focused on the ego and self, while Pisces is focused on the Spirit and dissolving the ego. If we overly egotistical OR underly egotistical this can be in our faces today. Ego is important to keep us anchored in reality but it cannot be in the driver’s seat. It needs to be the servant, not the master. Narcissists may have overblown egos- but Empaths and Codependents have undeveloped egos. These two kinds of personalities attract each other like a moth to a flame- but the moment one heals around their ego issues the psychic karmic cord breaks. Today is a great day to check in to see where your own healing journey is asking you to go deeper in relationship to these themes around ego. Today can feel heavy and limiting but it can also help you access a greater level of mastery, integrity and commitment to hard work! Use the energy wisely today.


Friday June 2nd-
At 6:43pm Venus in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces- aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the planet of Idealism, Mysticism and Unconditional Love. Venus is the lower heart and Neptune is the Higher Heart. Put the two together and we have a lot of compassionate, romantic, spiritual and mystical energy present! With both bodies in water signs letting emotions, intuition and compassion flow is recommended. Focusing on the Higher Heart and letting it lead the way is key right now!


Saturday June 3rd-
The Full Moon at 14 Sagittarius is exact at 11:42pm EDT – bringing us to the midpoint of the current Lunar Cycle we are in that began with the New Moon in the last degrees of Taurus on May 19th. That New Moon was powerful as it was conjunct the Pleiades and aspected all of the Outer Planets- letting us know that some powerful messages and access to Higher Wisdom, Higher Love and Higher Power are available right now. This Full Moon is conjunct the Great Attractor- a point in Space that we are all rapidly moving towards. It is one of the Source Points connected to Greater Truth. I will have a lot more to say on this potent Full Moon so check my Lunar Insight posted here-


Sunday June 4th-
At 3:49pm Mercury cojoins Uranus at 20’24 Taurus- aligning the lower mind with the Higher Mind in powerful ways! Typically taurus likes stability, security and the known- yet Uranus is all about change, upheaval and unexpected things come to Light. This is a great time to keep your mind open and to challenge what you think you know! Insights, aha moments, bolt out of the blue awareness are all possible right now! Being willing to question things, open up to change and be surprised are key right now 😉


For the Astrology for the rest of June you will have to read the Monthly Forecast posted by June 1st here-

Have a blessed week ahead!


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