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3 Zodiac Signs See Challenges In Their Relationships On May 27

What is about to sting a little today for the three zodiac signs who will have rough horoscopes on May 27, 2023? On this day we just happen to have two transits that seriously do not complement each other. We are looking at how the Moon opposite Saturn offsets the transit of Jupiter conjunct Node.

How? Jupiter conjunct Node makes us think that we are doing well, that everything is going to work out after all, and that we may just have gotten past an important juncture in our lives … while the Moon opposite Saturn takes all of that knowledge and makes sure we doubt and distrust it whatever we intuitively pick up on. In other words, we will get ‘just so far’ today until we decide that none is worth our time.

This really turns on us when it comes to love and relationships. For those of us who know that we have to make an effort to get our romance back on track, we may just make that attempt to do so today, only to end up backing out for any number of reasons.

One of the worst moves we’ll be making today is the one where we start wondering if reconciling with a loved one is even worth it. Yes, of course, it’s worth it, and if Jupiter were in charge, then we’d all know it, but Saturn wants to get in a dig, and so it will, in the form of fear, insecurity and denial.

While this is a manageable state and does not have to continue, ad infinitum, we must avoid setting up a bad vibe in the relationship. We can’t just forfeit our minds to some random negativity spell. Remember what you started doing today, zodiac signs … you wanted things to work. So, if you are one of the three zodiac signs mentioned here today, go back to square one. Don’t give up because you had a passing thought that told you to doubt it all. Stick with the original plan. Do it!

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